12 Best Home Remedies for Natural hair growth

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Home remedies for natural hair growth

Home remedies that promote natural hair growth have become very popular in the natural hair community. If you would like to try using simple home ingredients to experiment with natural DIY hair remedies such as Rice water, Onion Juice, Aloe Vera among others, then this article is for you. I have natural 4C hair and I have found that natural … Read More

How to Wash Natural Hair at Home Without Shampoo

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Washing Hair at home without shampoo

Did you know you can wash your natural hair at home without shampoo? Whether you find some shampoos too drying or not working for your hair type or you just want to try the ‘no-poo’ method for washing your hair, there are several ways to wash natural hair at home without shampoo. In this article we will go through 6 … Read More

How To Prevent Breakage in 4C Hair: 13 Simple Tips

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4C Hair Breakage

4C Hair breakage is one of the most common hair problems that gives a lot us with 4C hair sleepless nights! Not literally, but you get the point 🙂 To prevent 4C hair from breakage, you first need to determine what is causing the breakage. Hair breaks when the strands are dry, brittle or when there is a lot of … Read More

Effective Hydration Treatments For Hair

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Hydration Treatments For Hair

Hair that looks and feels good is what most of us hope and work for. Most people always try their level best to ensure that their mane looks healthy and has the desired sheen. A very basic routine that will break or make your hair is a hydration treatment. In this article, you will learn about, (i) what a hydration … Read More