Rose Water For Natural Hair: Benefits,Uses & Easy DIY Recipes

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Rose Water For Natural Hair

Ever wondered what to do with all those roses you are gifted on special occasions like Valentines? The good news is that you don’t have to throw away the petals when the occasion is over! Using a very simple DIY recipe that I will show you later in the article, you can easily turn those colorful petals into an amazing … Read More

12 Best Home Remedies for Natural hair growth

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Home remedies for natural hair growth

Home remedies that promote natural hair growth have become very popular in the natural hair community. If you would like to try using simple home ingredients to experiment with natural DIY hair remedies such as Rice water, Onion Juice, Aloe Vera among others, then this article is for you. I have natural 4C hair and I have found that natural … Read More

4C Natural Hair: How To Care For & Grow 4C Hair Fast!

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How to Grow 4C Hair

The key to growing long 4C natural hair fast is in having a consistent and effective hair care routine. This article is a detailed guide on how to take good care of 4C hair in order to achieve long and healthy hair growth, faster. Based on several years of having natural hair and tons of research, I will share my … Read More

37 Best Herbs for Natural Hair Growth

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Herbs for natural hair growth

The best herbs for natural hair are those that are packed with unique antioxidants, essential oils, vitamins, and other plant nutrients for promoting hair growth. Such herbs include: 1. Neem, 2. Moringa, 3. Stinging Nettle, 4. Aloe Vera, 5. Amla, 6. Rosemary, 7. Peppermint, 8. Brami, 9. Green Tea, 10. Flaxseeds 11. Fenugreek, 12. Hibiscus, 13. Henna, 14. Chamomile and, … Read More

Causes and Remedies of Heat Damage in 4C Hair

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How to prevent heat damage in 4C hair

Heat damage is a condition that results when strands of hair are exposed to instant extreme heat or repeated use of heat leading to moisture content loss, destruction of the natural morphology of hair which may lead to permanent change in structure. Heat damage results from various sources such as heat styling appliances (blow driers, curling irons etc) and ultraviolet … Read More

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Hey, I am Winney from This is my story I transitioned from relaxing my hair to natural in June 2015. I knew very little about taking good care of hair. I tried everything and bought every single product that was recommended to me by fellow naturals. Unfortunately, not everything worked. I had a longing to understand the science of … Read More

DIY Hair Care Recipes

DIY natural homemade hair products

DIY Natural Hair Care Products You are in the right place! This is home for DIY/Homemade Hair Care Recipes that I have tried on my natural hair. I share these remedies because we are returning back to natural, aren’t we? All ingredients are natural and can be easily obtained in your kitchen. __________________________________ This website’s tagline is ‘Returning Back to … Read More