To Trim Hair or Not? Here Are 8 Compelling Reasons

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Benefits of trimming hair

Did you know that trimming hair should be part of your hair care regimen, in this article you will find out why.

I used to be against trimming my natural hair because I believed it would set back my length goals. This was until a friend of mine insisted that I should incorporate trimming in my natural hair care regimen if I seriously wanted to achieve growth.

In this article I will share the benefits of trimming natural hair that led me to making trimming a part of my hair care routine.


  • Trimming hair promotes healthy hair growth as a trim gets rid of split ends and other strands that are doing more harm than good
  • A trim on hair that is damaged by heat or chemicals can help in mitigating hair breakage.
  • To keep single strand knots at bay, you should trim your hair and leave it stretched out
  • A good trim helps in cutting down on the time that it takes to detangle hair.

Read on to get the full details on the benefits of trimming hair.


Most people need an occasional trim in order to deal with the breaking point and split ends however there are people who will go for a longer period of time without reaching their breaking point meaning, they can go for longer without needing a trim.

Hair grows until it reaches a certain length and it seems to stagnate. This point is the breaking point. (1) The breaking point reaches when the hair cuticles get thinner as the hair grows. Thinner layers are more prone to split ends and breakage.

Benefits of Trimming Hair

1. Gets Rid of Split Ends

Split ends are the frayed ends of your hair strands. They are the worst hair enemy as once you have them; there is no way to repair them. One of the best way to get rid of split ends is by trimming them off.

Some common causes of split ends include:

  • Heat damage
  • Chemicals
  • Over washing
  • Over manipulation
  • Genetics
  • Excessive styling

If you’ve got that stressed outlook on your mane, then its time you got a hair trim. You will lose a few inches but in the long run, this cut will be more beneficial to your hair growth.

Excessive chemical treatment, bad grooming habits, and environmental exposure can lead to the thinning of hair, the formation of split ends, and breakage. Getting a trim can help in dealing with such hair damage.

How often to trim natural hair will vary from person to person.  Careful attention to your hair is the best guide on how often you need a trim. For some people trimming should be done every 3-4 months while for others with much healthier strands, it can be done less often.

2. Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

Trimming your hair promotes healthy hair growth as you get rid of split ends and other strands that are doing more harm than good. A trim will completely change your hair from a dull and brittle look to a healthier more lustrous glow. If you are looking to have fuller longer healthier hair, then it is time that you trimmed your hair.

Trimming your hair gets rids of those dead ends thus giving your hair a fuller, healthier look. Additionally, hair that is trimmed has a faster oil penetration rate which promotes hair growth. (2)

3. Controls Damaged Hair (Heat and Chemical Damage)

Heat and chemical damage has adverse effects on hair leaving the it brittle and weak. Brittle hair is more prone to develop split ends which cause breakage. If left neglected, split ends can develop further down the shaft leading to excessive loss of hair.

Trimming hair that is damaged by heat or chemicals can help in mitigating hair breakage. This can minimize the damage caused by progressive split ends and help in rejuvenating your hair back to its vibrant shine. (3)

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4. Prevents Single Strand Knots

Have you ever touched your hair and felt what feels like little knots on your hair strand ends? Those are single strand knots.

Some natural hairstyles such as the wash and go will leave your hair in a shrunken state meaning that the hair strands will be standing close to each other. Such a hairstyle will leave your hair with more single strand knots than before.

Most people make the mistake of breaking out or cutting these knots with their hands. To keep single strand knots at bay, trimming your hair and leaving it stretched out is a good idea. Twist outs and braid outs will also help protect your hair from single strand knots.

5. Makes Detangling Easier

Detangling hair that is not in good shape is a tedious job that only results in hair breakage and loss. Trimming  hair regularly  helps in cutting down on the time that it takes to detangle your hair by managing split ends and preventing single strand knots which makes detangling difficult.

6. Better Length Retention

Think of hair growth is a two-step process; the emergency of hair from the roots and hair retention along the length and ends of hair.

Trimming your hair helps in maintaining length by preventing loss of hair through breakage.

Length retention is highly dependent on personal hair care methods. Growth is not visible if the hair is not preserved at the ends hence enabling better length retention.

Trimming your hair may seem counter-productive when you are trying to grow your hair but it is not. While trimming does not directly influence hair growth, it is important in ensuring that hair maintains its retention pattern. Split ends that are left uncut can easily taper off leaving your hair thinner and unhealthy.

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7. Easier Styling

Hair that needs to be trimmed is often more difficult to style as it takes you more time detangling before even setting it into the desired styles. Trimmed hair also maintains styles for longer.

Hair that is not trimmed is prone to having one strand knots and damaged split ends that are not good for hair manipulation.

8. Minimizes Frizz

Nobody really likes the irregular texture or hair that doesn’t align that results from frizz! I certainly don’t and I can do anything to minimize frizz.

One of the best ways to deals with the annoying frizz is to trim hair.

Frizz results from dry hair absorbing moisture from the air causing each hair strand’s outer cuticle to swell up instead of lying flat. Other causes of frizz include humid wet weather which can make frizz conditions worse and wearing scarfs and hats.

Frizziness can be a cause for alarm if your hair has damaged split ends. To keep frizz under control, trim your mane regularly.


If you are one of those natural hair enthusiasts who is crazy about chasing hair length, yet dread trimming your hair, you are not alone. Many people think that trimming hair is not beneficial, yet trimming actually does offer your hair some health benefits which plays a key role in length retention.

No matter how terrifying it is to cut out your strands, in the long run, trimming your hair will give your hair a fuller healthier look.

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Benefits of trimming hair

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