How Long Does Hair Grow in a Month?

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How fast does hair grow

How long and fast hair grows depends on factors such as genetics, age, gender and hormones. Nutrient deficiency, hormonal fluctuations and other factors may reduce the rate of hair growth. With that said, exactly how long does hair grow in a month? A study done by the American Academy of Dermatology showed that on average hair grows about ½ an … Read More

Freeform Dreads – Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

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Are freeform dreads the new way of locking hair, is it the new natural and a way of expressing hair freedom? Probably. Simply put; Freeform dreads are locs that form naturally without any manipulation on the new growth. They are another interesting and fun way to start or continue growing your dreadlocks with very minimal maintenance. If you are looking … Read More

12 Golden Hair Growth Tips For Black Males

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Hair growth tips for black males

Have you been searching the whole internet on how to grow long hair for black males? You are not alone. A few of my male friends complain that the blogging community does not think about them. In this article, we shift focus from our female friends. We will cover 12 easy to follow hair growth tips for black males. These … Read More