Should You Condition Your Hair Everyday? (4 Things to Know)

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Conditioning the hair

Why are some people advocating for conditioning the hair everyday? Yes, conditioners make the hair soft, malleable and all the good things that come with conditioning but should you do it  everyday? In this article, we want to dissect hair conditioners and understand why and how often to condition the hair. Should you condition your hair everyday? Conditioning the hair … Read More

The Best Starter Locs Guide – Installation, Maintenance, Re-twisting and More

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Stater Locs

After posting the article on Microlocs and Sisterlocs, a lot of you reached out to find out more about starter locs. In this article we will therefore answer the following questions on starter Locs: What are starter locs? What is the best way to start locs? How to maintain starter locs How often should you wash starter locs? How often … Read More

7 Home Remedies To Grow Thinning Edges That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

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home remedies to grow thinning edges

Experiencing thinning edges is very dreadful. Whether the thinning edges results from tension, poor nutrition or bad hair care practices, there are effective home remedies that you can use to grow back thinning edges. Summary; The best home remedies to grow thinning edges are: Aloe Vera Juice Fenugreek Seeds Lavender Oil Jamaican Black Castor Oil Onion Juice Treatment Read on … Read More

10 Best Moisturizing & Sealing Oils For High Porosity Hair

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Best Oils For High Porosity

Moisture retention is the biggest challenge for high porosity hair. The oils you choose should therefore have both moisturizing properties and have the ability to seal the hair cuticle to prevent moisture loss. In this article we will review 10 oils for high porosity hair. In Summary; The Best oils for high porosity hair are: Olive oil Coconut oil Avocado … Read More

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good for Hair?

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Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For Hair

A while back before I jumped on the Apple Cider Vinegar for hair bandwagon, I had several questions including: Is Apple Cider Vinegar good for hair? What does Apple Cider Vinegar do to your hair? How do I use Apple Cider Vinegar for hair? Can Apple Cider Vinegar damage hair? Is Apple Cider Vinegar good for colored hair? From my … Read More