Do Braids Really help Your Hair Grow?

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Do braids help your hair grow

Many of us love braids as a protective hairstyle as it gives the hair a break from manipulation. But have you ever asked yourself whether braids actually help your hair grow? I have been wearing braids for a while now, for me it’s the flexibility with styling and having not to worry about hair every morning that makes me appreciate … Read More

Starter Locs Dos and Don’ts (Be Wary of These)

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starter locs dos and don'ts

Starter locs can be very delicate and after spending several hours and so much money getting them installed you want to be sure that they grow well to maturity. Therefore, in this article we will focus on Starter Locs Dos and Dont’s to help you get it right, the first time. Before we go into that, for this article to … Read More

Knotless Braids Vs Box Braids (Here are 7 Surprising Differences)

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knotless braids vs box braids

Knotless braids vs box braids, what is the difference between the two and which one should you go for? Summary; The main difference between knotless braids and box braids is that Knotless braids are started with the hair and then the braid is added using a feed-in technique giving a seamless natural look whereas the traditional box braids are installed … Read More

Should You Condition Your Hair Everyday? (4 Things to Know)

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Conditioning the hair

Why are some people advocating for conditioning the hair everyday? Yes, conditioners make the hair soft, malleable and all the good things that come with conditioning but should you do it  everyday? In this article, we want to dissect hair conditioners and understand why and how often to condition the hair. Should you condition your hair everyday? Conditioning the hair … Read More