Box Braids for Kids : Cute Styles & How To Install Safely

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Box braids for kids

Don’t we love box braids for kids? Such a cute hairstyle known for its signature square shape pattern.

This style offers the perfect protection for your little angel’s hair if installed and maintained properly.

To inspire your kid’s next hairstyle, we will share some of the cutest styles we’ve come across + Tips on how to safely install the braids.

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The Most Trendy & Cute Box Braids for Kids

1. Box Braids for Kids with Beads             

Kids love cute, colorful accessories that make their hairstyles pop and look more stylish. 

Beads are the perfect addition and they come in various shapes, colors, and of course styles.

They are cute and gorgeous and reflect your kid’s personality. You will be spoilt for choice as you can pair different bead colors with your baby’s outfits as well.

2. Jumbo box braids for kids

Jumbo box braids are the chunkiest, and biggest of box braids. They are very versatile when it come to styling them.

If your child loves large plaits, these stylish braids are amazing. They are perfect for your little girl as they are low maintenance. You just need a few braid pieces and you’re good to go.

3. Medium box braids for kids

Medium box braids are great for kids due to their versatility in styles and colors. They can be rocked in length from short, waist-length, or long.

Medium box braids are usually about 10mm in width. They are faster to install compared to small-size box braids.

Medium box braids last for 8 to 10 weeks. Due to them not being too thick or bulky, you can easily style your baby in buns, and ponytails.

They are low maintenance as you save on time and money.

4. Goddess Box Braids for Kids

These stylish box braids blend curls and braids together.

To make this beautiful style on your baby, you need two types of braiding hair. One is for braiding while the other is for the curly edges.

Goddess box braids offer versatility for kids as you can choose an array of colors and styles such as half-ponytails, highlights, and even beads.

They do take time to install but are worth it in the long term. Goddess box braids are some of the longest lasting types of box braids.

5. Ombre Box Braids for Kids

Adding a mix of colors is the perfect hairstyle that your angel can rock. Ombre box braids usually start off with dark colors and then you will add lighter colors as you finish.

Kids love the pop of colors and these box braids offer an array of different colors that your baby will adore.

6. Crochet Box Braids for Kids

Crochet box braids are perfect for kids as they last long and are easy to install.

They are great for special occasions and can be installed quickly.

For crochet box braids you just need to have the crochet hook that allows you to weave the artificial hair onto your kid’s natural hair.

You can create twists of your baby’s natural hair, then attach the artificial hair onto them.

Crochet box braids offer a variety of colors and styles that you can choose for your baby.

How Long Do Box Braids in Kids Last?

Box braids for kids can last anywhere from 4 – 8 weeks.

The better you take care of your kids box braids, the longer they will stay.

Always remember to keep the scalp clean and moisturized if you plan on having your kid stay with the box braid for long.

How to Safely Do Box Braid For Kids

#Step 1 – Cleanse your child’s hair thoroughly before Installation

#Step 2 – Deep condition to rejuvenate and moisturize the curls as the hair will be tucked away for a long time.

#Step 3 – Seal in moisture using either the LOC method or the LCO method depending on your kid’s hair porosity.

#Step 4 -Choose braids that are light weight and that are made of material that will not irritate your child’s scalp.

#Step 5 -Be gentle when installing

#Step 6 -Let you child sleep in a protective covering to ensure the kids are not ruined from friction. You can wrap the braids in a loose scarf or satin bonnet.

#Step 7 -Clean and moisturize often. Kids play a lot hence are likely to sweat and accumulate dirt in their box braids. Ensure you keep your kid’s braids clean, here is guide on how to wash box braids.

#Step 8 -Don’t keep them in for too long, they may break your child hair

Bottom Line

Box braids are cute, versatile, and a great way to elevate your kid’s look for a special occasion.

With the different types of box braids available, you are spoilt for choice. Here is a summary of the trendiest box braid for kids:

  • Jumbo box braids for kids
  • Box braids with beads
  • Goddess box braids for kids
  • Knotless box braids for kids
  • Medium box braids
  • Crochet box braids
  • Ombre box braids for kids
  • Box braids with buns

Always remember to properly moisturize before and after installing the box braids and do not keep them for too long as this can damage the kid’s hair.

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