20 Braided Hairstyles For Black Women – That Are Nothing But Cute!

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braided hairstyles for black women

Looking for inspiration for your next hairstyle? Then consider going for braided hairstyles!

Not only are they stylish, they are protective styles that give your hair a break from manipulation.

Here are 20 braided hairstyles for black women to inspire your next hairstyle.

Ombre braids

ombre box braids

Want to add a pop of color to your hairstyle, then give ombre braids a try!

Ombre braids are braids where you have two different colors of braids done.

You may decide to combine black and a shade of brown or even go for a brighter color like hot pink and white like in the picture above.

Butterfly braids

Butterfly Braids

A result of the wild creativity that comes with braids, butterfly braids is a charming hairstyle created by the feed-in technique, creating a butterfly pattern.

Braids with curly ends

Braids with curly ends

Having curls installed at the end of your usual braids is a surefire way to add an interesting twist to your hair.

They are effortlessly flattering and have a cool hairstyle to rock.

Box braids in high bun

Box braids in high bun

Can you have a hairstyle roundup without the classic bun?

This hairstyle is a way of switching your box or knotless braids and getting them off your neck.

A high bun is not only an easy hairstyle to achieve, but it is also versatile. Due to its simple and classy nature, you can rock it on a night out or even during the day at work.

Half up half down braids

Half up half down braids

The half up half down hairstyle is a great way to spice up your braids, whether they are box braids or knotless braids.

The hairstyle works in both a professional and casual setting. Furthermore, you can style the upper half into a bun to add even more versatility.

Jumbo box braids

Jumbo box braids

Jumbo box braids have remained a trendy hairstyle over the years. The braids are similar to the usual box braids but are larger, hence the name ‘jumbo’.

They are also fewer in numbers as compared to the normal box braids and hence take a shorter time to get done.

Braided cornrows

Braided cornrows

Cornrows are braided close to the scalp, due to that they are sometimes referred to as scalp braids.

They are easy to maintain as the only thing you will need to do is keep your scalp healthy and style your edges.

Feed in Mohawk

Feed in Mohawk

If you want to go for a simple hairstyle, this is the one for you!

As the name suggests, the hairstyle involves having a huge thick braid down the middle of the head.

Additionally, the mohawk braid is easy to maintain and is a stylish hairstyle.

Triangle Jumbo box braids

Triangle Jumbo box braids

The triangle jumbo box braids are the same as your traditional jumbo box braids. The only difference is that unlike the box sectioning in box braids, your hair is parted in a triangular shape to separate each strand of hair.

Crochet braids

Crochet braids are a low manipulation hairstyle that works well to help your hair grow. Installing these braids involves crocheting synthetic hair extensions to a person’s hair using a crochet hook.

Due to its versatility, this hairstyle is easy to achieve and goes well with a variety of face shapes.

Colored braids

colored braids

You may have had box braids done so many times and are now looking for a way to jazz them up. One way you can do that is by going out of your comfort zone and having box braids done in several colors.

You can try having blue, pink, or even purple braids done on your hair!

Long knotless braids

long knotless braids

Knotless braids are effortlessly chic and an attractive way to style your hair, especially if they’re long. We’re talking waist and knee-long.

The braids have been popular season in season, so much so that we wrote an article that contains all the information you may need to know about the braids. You can read the article here.

Braids with accessories

Braids with accessories

Another way of leveling up your braids is by adding accessories to your braids! Accessories come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors hence you can customize them to whatever look you want to achieve.

The accessories range from clear beads and even wooden beads.

Braids in a ponytail

Braids in a ponytail

If you wear your braids to shoulder, waist, or even knee length, rocking a ponytail is a cute, quick, and easy way to rock your braids.

With this hairstyle, you may even decide to have cornrows done in a ponytail manner.

Jumbo feed in braids

jumbo feed in braids

These unique-looking braids should be on the bucket list of your new hairstyles to try. As you might have noticed from the name, the hairstyle involves feeding in bits of hair to a cornrow until it is big.


Inspired by Beyonce’s lemonade album, lemonade braids are a stan when it comes to braided hairstyles.

They start in the front as cornrows and then flow freely down your back, giving you that fierce Beyonce look and feel.

Nubian braids

Unlike the other braided hairstyles we have covered, Nubian twists are achieved by twisting your hair into hair extensions. Nubian twists are an elegant way of doing your hair.

Moreover, they are a protective style, especially for individuals who are transitioning to natural hair.

Fulani braids with beads

Fulani braids with beads are regarded as one of the most popular hairstyles in the natural hair community.

Originating from the Fulani people of West Africa, the hairstyle is used by many as an expression of their appreciation of their African origin.

Boho braids

Also known as bohemian braids, boho braids are achieved by adding curly hair to your braid strand.

The hairstyle is a unique one as there are no specific rules as to where to insert the curly hair.

Therefore, there is so much room to customize the hairstyle to your liking.

Stitch braids

Stitch braids are a type of cornrows that are sophisticated and have a stitch-like appearance.

You can achieve this hairstyle by braiding your hair or by using synthetic hair. Check out this Stitch braids article to learn more.

PS: Full credit to all the beautiful models from youtube, Canva and Unsplash, thank you for inspiring these braided hairstyles.

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