Heat Damage in 4C Hair: Causes and Remedies

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Heat Damage in 4C Hair

Heat damage is a condition that results when strands of hair are exposed to instant extreme heat or repeated use of heat leading to moisture content loss, destruction of the natural morphology of hair which may lead to permanent change in structure. Exposing hair to extreme heat works against your efforts of growing beautiful, healthy hair. Heat damage results from … Read More


Understanding 4C Hair 101: Growth and Damage

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Understanding 4C Hair

Before the natural hair movement, there was a perception that African hair does not grow past the shoulder length. This was probably because most of us had hair that stagnated at that length. However, over the recent years we have started seeing African women particularly those who have transitioned to natural, grow their hair to as long as thigh length. … Read More

What is ‘Going Natural’? Is It Worth the Hype?

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What is going natural

Times are changing. Women are learning to embrace a natural lifestyle. The most remarkable trend in the natural lifestyle movement is women of African descent going natural with their hair. What is ‘Going natural’? What does it mean to go natural? Going natural simply means that you are restoring your hair back from the chemically altered texture to its original … Read More

Know Your Hair Type- Are you 4C?

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What is 4C hair?

The most important step to taking really good care of your hair is knowing your hair type. This is because your hair is unique and requires care that is designed for its type. There are different hair classification systems that have been used to classify hair. The most common systems are the Andre Walker system and F.I.A. Hair Typing System. … Read More