How to Make Your Hair Fluffy (8 Simple Tricks)

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How to make your hair fluffy

Have you been ‘scratching’ your head wondering how to make your hair fluffy?  

Then you are in the right place. In this article we will share 8 simple ways to make hair fluffy. Here is a summary;

How To Make Your Hair Fluffy

  1. Moisturize regularly
  2. Deep Condition
  3. Use hair rollers
  4. Lift the roots
  5. Blow dry upside down
  6. Tease the hair
  7. Use the right products and tools
  8. Tie the hair in a bun

Now, there can be the risk of ending up with frizzy hair in an attempt to fluff your hair and therefore using the right techniques is super important.

With that said, let’s delve into the details.

How To Make Hair Fluffy

1. Moisturize Regularly

how to make hair fluffy

The trick to achieving fluffy hair is to make sure that the hair itself is properly moisturized to reduce frizz formation.

The best way to achieve this is to ensure the products you use are moisturizing.

Frizz tends to get in the way especially if you have naturally dry hair or live in humid conditions.

Frizz comes about as a result of dry hair absorbing moisture from the air to compensate for the lack of it in hair strands hence the important of moisturizing regularly.

Remember to go for lighter moisturizing products. Heavier products will weigh down the hair making it harder to achieve the fluffy hair look.

2. Deep condition

Deep conditioning is a very important step when you want to have fluffy, voluminous hair.

Deep conditioning works to enhance smooth and shiny hair, repair any hair damage and strengthen hair strands.

Making you hair fluffy will often mean including some form of manipulation and thus deep conditioning works to strengthen and protect hair from any sort of damage or breakage while still keeping it moisturized to eliminate frizz.

When finding the right deep conditioner, it is important to consider hair porosity and density.

For dryer or thicker hair, you may want to opt for heavier conditioners since your hair is well suited to absorbing this product.

Fine and less dense hair types may benefit more from lighter conditioners made of easy to absorb ingredients.

Alternatively, you can opt to DIY a deep conditioning hair mask from readily available kitchen ingredients. A banana-egg deep conditioning treatment is highly recommended for moisturizing and strengthening hair.

3. Use hair rollers

Hair rollers are great for adding that extra volume and making your hair fluffy.

When using rollers, begin on wet or dampened hair so that the curls can be well set and then proceed to wrap your hair up from the tips down to the roots and let the hair air dry or use a blow drier.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing hair rollers for instance size or whether or not you prefer to use heat.

Hot rollers for instance require heat while Velcro rollers work without heat.

The difference between using the two depends on the type of finish you prefer.

Curls made of hot rollers are often structured and precise due to the heat component while Velcro rollers give more of a natural volumized hair look.

Large rollers work best for longer hair when looking to achieve a natural fluffy hair look. Using the rollers alternatively can result in tighter more structured curls.

4. Lift the roots

A little trick hairstylists use to create a fluffy hair look is “adding lift to hair”.

To achieve this, begin with slightly damp hair then add a volumizing hair product such as a volumizing hair spray. These products work by lifting the roots to keep hair above the scalp.

Once the hair is almost dry, use a comb to pick the roots or hair clips designed for lifting the root.

A hair clip works best as you can position it as close to the roots as possible. Alternatively, you could use a hair tie or scrunchie to hold the hair up.

5. Blow Dry Upside Down

One other trick to make hair look fluffier and fuller is to blow dry hair while it is upside down.

To achieve this flip your head downwards letting your hair fall towards the ground. Begin blow-drying preferably using a hair comb.

Since the hair is not lying directly on the scalp in this position, it’s more likely to hold more volume. This contributes to the overall fluffier appearance of hair.

6. Tease the Hair/ Back Combing

 A great and proven way to lift your roots and make your hair fluffy is to tease your hair.

When teasing, you want to begin with dry hair sectioned into small portions for easier styling. Hold one section of the hair firmly and use a volumizing hair spray to increase the hold your hair will have to the volume.

With a comb, begin from about 4 inches and comb your hair towards your scalp. This process is known as backcombing and works great to increase volume and reduce the chance of tangling.

Afterward, add some hair spray to maintain the hold. Then style the hair to your desired results.

7.  Use the Right Products and Tools

When it comes to making your hair fluffy, using the right products is very crucial.

The right hair products will contribute to the overall look after styling. Some great hair products include volumizing products such as texture and hair spray to keep hold of hair achieving the fluffy hair look.

Apart from hair products, ensure you are using the right tools and hair accessories including ties, scrunchies, and clips to lift the hair roots.

Additionally, a teasing comb works great to manipulate hair for the desired look.

Choose a teasing comb with a thin handle that helps with sectioning hair. Alternatively, you can consider one with a pick that works great to lightly fluff your hair after teasing. This helps conceal any visibly teased sections.

8. Tie the Hair in a Bun

how to make your hair fluffier

Tying your hair in a bun is a great way to lift the roots, add volume and thus make the hair fluffy.

To achieve this, begin with damp hair and hold it in a high bun with an elastic band. You can leave the hair for a while in this state preferably overnight.

This is a great method to achieve a natural voluminous fluffy hair look.


Fluffy hair gives you the edge you want while making your hairstyles look full. To make your hair fluffier you need to:

  1. Moisturize regularly
  2. Deep Condition
  3. Use hair rollers
  4. Lift the roots
  5. Blow dry upside down
  6. Tease the hair using a back comb
  7. Use the right hair products and styling tools
  8. Tie the hair in a bun

Finally, did you know hair porosity plays a key role in hair growth? Take this simple hair porosity test to determine if your hair is HIGH, LOW or NORMAL porosity.

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