Lil Tjay Braids: How To (with Braids & without Braids)

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Lil tjay Braids

You might have heard of Lil tJay`s hit songs which became popular around 2019. Apart from his music, he is also famous for his signature box braids which have since been named Lil tJay braids.

If you haven’t heard of these braids before, worry not, this article goes in-depth into what exactly they are, how to do them, and maintenance routine.

What are Lil Tjay Braids?

Lil tJay braids are box braids and cornrow combo made popular by rapper Lil tJay.

The Lil tjay braids are mostly worn in short to medium-length hair and is partially cornrowed and then braided in horizontal rows.

The style can also be worn with box braids alone with no cornrows added like how Lil Tjay wore them in this video:

Because of how low manipulation this style is, it can be classified as a protective hairstyle.

These braids can be achieved either by using your hair or adding braid extensions.

This style is very simple and thus it is possible to DIY it at home. Alternatively, you could visit a hair professional to get them installed.

How to do Lil Tjay Braids 

1. Lil Tjay Without Braids

  • Begin with clean, moisturized, and stretched-out hair.
  • Use holding wax or gel to firmly hold the hair before you begin to braid.
  • Make a middle part down the center of your head and horizontal parts from the middle part.
  • Braid the horizontal section into cornrows till the end of the part.  Braid the rest of the hair till the end using either two or three-strand braids.

For the Lil tjay box braids variation, here is a video tutorial:

2. Lil Tjay With Braids

Lil tJay braids are averagely 2 inches in length. In case your hair is short, you might want to consider adding braiding extensions to replicate the hairstyle.

Since the braids are usually accompanied by a fade, you might want to shave the sides of your head to achieve the desired results.

  • Begin with clean, moisturized hair
  • make a middle part running down the center of your head.
  • Next, make equal horizontal parts arising from the middle part. For the cornrows, you will want to use a holding gel or wax to make the hair look neater and easier to braid.
  • Split the hair extensions and feed them in continuously across the length of the cornrow.
  • Braid the rest of the hair till close to the end of the braids. Make a knot using the rest of the braid and repeat for the other sections.

After the entire hair is braided, trim the ends of the braid after the knot to make the hairstyle look neater.

Then dip into hot water to seal the braid extensions to prevent fray hairs and unraveling.

How to Style

Lil Tjay Braids, lil tjay box braids, lil tjay without braids

Because of the unique variation, Lil Tjay braids are ready to style after installation and require minimal additions.

It is however important to hydrate and lock that hydration with oil or crème to keep your hair neat and moisturized.

You may opt to slick down the edges and shaven sides for a more defined look. You could also add tribal or metallic hair jewelry for a unique and creative look.

How to Maintain Lil Tjay Braids

Lil Tjay Braids, lil tjay box braids, lil tjay without braids


Depending on the type of hair you have, you will need to come up with a cleansing routine. For curlier hair types, once or twice a week will do. If you have straighter hair, this frequency can go from 2 to 3 times a week.

Use gentle products

Make sure to use gentle products suited for your hair type. Go for a co-wash or hydrating shampoo that will adequately remove any product build-up or dandruff formed to allow nutrients to be properly absorbed into hair and scalp.

Moisturize and condition

After cleaning, go in with a leave-in treatment that is suited to your hair needs. Make sure your hair is adequately dried off. Damp hair harbors bacteria that are harmful to hair and that are likely to create an odor.

Next, come up with a moisturizing frequency or routine based on your hair type. Kinkier hair, for instance, might need a heavier cream compared to straighter hair. Depending on how dry your hair gets, this can be done every other day or twice to thrice weekly.

Cover the braids when sleeping

Finally, take care to cover and protect your hair as you sleep. You can opt for silk scarves, bonnets, or durags.

Make sure it is properly secured to prevent it from unraveling as you sleep. To go a step further, you could opt for silk pillowcases and bed sheets which reduce friction to hair that causes braids to age quickly.

How Long do Lil Tjay Braids Last?

Like most protective hairstyles, these braids will last anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. This is however dependent on the quality of installation, hair type, and maintenance routine.

Final thoughts;

Lil tJay braids are fairly easy to install, style, and maintain. This makes for a great protective and creative style when you are looking to switch things up.

All these factors add up to make these braids a good and trendy hairstyle to consider.

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