Travis Scott Braids: What They Are, How To, Maintenance

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travis scott braids

Talk of trendy hairstyles, and Travis Scott braids will definitely come up.

With this style, you don’t have to have 7-inch hair (like Travis) to look good. It can be done either on long or short hair.

This hairstyle is loved because of it’s simplicity and versatility.

Read on as we explore this hairstyle together.

What are Travis Scott Braids?

Travis Scott braids are technically uniquely styled jumbo knotless braids that are named after the popular rapper, Travis Scott.

Due to his fame and amazing fashion sense, he tends to create trends which his fans love.

The Travis Scott braids are a good example of a braiding trend he started.

Travis likes to wear his 7 inch long hair in braids without any extensions. The braids are arranged uniquely and neatly, inspiring many to wear such a look.

This trend has seen both men and women rock their hairstyles in many unique ways. Some do it without adding any extension. Others get it done with added braids or locs.

Travis’s daughter, Stormi Webster, rocks the look once in a while and looks really cute, making the hairstyle even more coveted.

How to do Travis Scott Braids

Step 1: Prepare the hair

Your hair needs to be clean and well moisturized in order to do these braids.

The cleaner your hair is, the better. This means going for a full wash day routine, ensuring that your hair is well moisturized and detangled.

Detangling the hair is very important as it will make sectioning easier. It also helps prevent knots which may result in breakage.

Detangle your hair after you have applied a conditioner or aloe vera gel to give you slip.

If you are planning to wear your braids for long, you may want to invest in a moisturizing technique that will seal moisture for as long as possible. Such techniques include LOC method and LCO method.

Step 2: Section

As mentioned earlier, this hairstyle has a unique way of sectioning hence you’re going to have to pay attention as you section your hair.

Aim for 10 to 15 sections which is what Travis Scott goes for.

To get super neat sections, you may want to straighten your hair or use a styling cream on the parts.

Step 3: Braid

Once you’ve got the sectioning down, start at the root of each braid and carefully apply gel to create a neat-looking braid.

Divide the hair into three strands and start braiding until you achieve your desired length.

If you are using extensions, after 2 rows of braiding the hair, start to slowly feed in the hair extension until you get your desired length. It’s more like doing knotless braids.

Step 4: Style

Once you have braided your whole head, you are now free to rock the hairstyle! Play around with different styles that will flatter your facial features.

If you have done the knotless braid version, make sure you follow the instructions on your braid packs to ensure your braids don’t unravel.

How Many Braids Does Travis Scott Have?

Travis Scott typically does about about 10 to 15 braids on his head. If you’re trying this hairstyle you might want to take that number into consideration.

How to Maintain Travis Scott Braids

As with the other braid hairstyles, to keep your hair is healthy and protected, you will need to do some maintenance.

#1. Clean the hair

Clean your hair to get rid of dirt and product build-up but be careful not to overdo it. You do not have to go for a full wash.

The pat and dry method where you focus on the scalp will work just fine. Alternatively use dry shampoo

#2. Moisturize

Make sure your braids are moisturized by applying a leave-in conditioner once you clean your hair. You can also occasionally oil your scalp to prevent it from drying.

#3. Protect hair when sleeping

Protect your hair with a satin/silk lined bonnet or even a silk/satin pillowcase as you sleep.

This will prevent moisture loss as well as breakage which may result from friction between the braids and the bedding.

#4. Re-touch

After a few days, if the braids start to look frizzy and old, you can unravel and re-do the one along the edges. This will give you a fresh new look without redoing the whole head.

Final thoughts

If you want to look trendy and stylish, Travis Scott Braids is the hairstyle for you.

In this article, we have covered what Travis Scott Braids are, how exactly to do them and how to maintain them. We hope that the article has given you enough information and inspiration to go ahead and get the hairstyle done on your hair. 

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