Why Should You Deep Condition Your Hair? 10 Reasons

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why should you deep condition your hair

If you have ever been in doubt, here are 10 compelling reasons why you should deep condition your hair.

1. To repair damaged hair

Deep conditioners are very good at repairing damaged hair.

By improving the nutrient supply, deep conditioners are able to regenerate hair strands that are worn out.

Also, deep conditioners prevent weathering and damage by reducing inter fiber friction and neutralizing negative charges.

When it comes to heat damage, a good deep conditioner replenishes the moisture that was sucked out.

By giving crucial supplements, your hair is able to recover and bring on succulent and healthy hair. 

2. Moisturize and soften hair

If you are looking intense hydration, you definitely should deep condition.

Loaded with emollients and oils, a deep conditioner is able to penetrate deep into the hair cuticle and distribute moisture throughout the full length of the hair. [1]

Your hair, just like the rest of your body, needs hydration in order to survive.

You know how that feeling of thirst can very excruciating, well, your hair feels it too and it’s therefore crucial to always moisturize your hair.

3. To improve elasticity

Are you finding yourself worried that your hair may snip should you manipulate it in a certain way?

Worry no more, the solution is a simple deep conditioner. A major factor in hair thinning is diminishing hair elasticity.

This is the ability of the hair to withstand stretch and retain its natural form. Hence, deep conditioners will be right up your alley to settle things.

They are able to supply the hair cuticle with the necessary protein called keratin which is the building block of the hair strands.

With abundant keratin, the hair follicles will be tenacious enough to resist fallout during styling. Therefore, it is good to seek deep conditioners that are rich in protein like a DIY eggs and mayo combo.

4. Prevent hair breakage

With consistent use of deep conditioners, there will be less shedding as you comb or brush through your hair, which we can agree is quite handy especially if you are undertaking a hair growth journey.

This is because deep conditioners rid your hair of dryness and shield it against fall out by giving robust strands.

When massaged into the hair, blood circulation is improved thus sturdy cell generation and hair growth.

5. Improve shine

Who doesn’t love to glow and whip their shiny and gleaming strands? We all desire to unleash our inner goddess.

A deep conditioner is designed purposely to improve shine. It takes just one good wash to get back the shiny and luscious strands that you so desire.

Your hair color is also accentuated and you can see the amplified luster owing to unclogging of the hair cuticles. This allows your natural sebum to ooze into your hair follicles and moisturize them.

6. Restore the hair’s natural texture

Do you sometimes find yourself in limbo due to your hair texture getting coarser? It’s time to get to a light the end of the tunnel with deep conditioners enlightening your path.

In our daily lives, we may apply too much product when styling and it tends to accumulate, causing build-up and ‘coarse’ texture.

Shampooing may fail to dig deep enough into the scalp and do away with all that dirt hence it plies onto the hair strand with time.

This will result in brittle hair but with a cleansing deep conditioner with the power to sink deep into the hair cuticle, all the gloop will be gone. Your hair will be able to breathe and your hair texture will be returned to normalcy.

7. Make hair bouncier

There’s something about hair that is voluminous and has the bounce. It’s a confidence booster and significant sign of healthy hair.

For hair to get good body, it has to be properly hydrated and cleansed.The deep conditioners execute exactly that being humectants and purifying agents.They are high in moisture content and a strong perforation ability so that any bulid-up is also gotten rid of.

The eventual result is hair that is fluffy, soft, and most definitely bouncy.

8. Strengthen color treated hair

Well, we all go through that phase where we hunger for some exciting new color. The possibilities are endless… ginger, blue, purple or even yellow, name them.

However, with everything good there’s a high chance of a flip side which in this case is hair damage. The hair coloring process is chemical based which can cause brittle and frayed ends.

Deep conditioners are here to revert that deconstruction of your hair structure.

Your hair is rekindled with the necessary nutrients and restores the moisture equilibrium that it needs.

That way your cells can fruitfully regenerates to construe new strands that healthy and fluffy.

9. Minimize split ends

It’s undeniable that split ends can be quite a menace if not properly taken care of.

In addition to trim, regular deep conditioning keeps the split ends at bay. This is because deep conditioners treat the hair shaft by adding nutrients and restoring the outer layer that rips off with split ends.

That way you can preserve your internal hair structure and eventually gain a ton of volume and length.

10. Combat frizz

Frizz is when your hair loses its alignment with the natural hair pattern and gives this fuzzy look.

The likely causes being low humidity, over-washing hair or simply using harsh products. Another the reason your hair may stray and get frizzy is the presence of static charges in your hair.

Deep conditioners are charged with neutralizing polarities to that of the hair which tames the frizz.

By keeping those charges at bay, your hair will be tamed and preserve the curl pattern that it is meant to emulate. With a good deep conditioner, you may have 99 problems but frizz is most definitely not one.

In conclusion, you should deep condition your hair because deep conditioners:

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