Is your hair HIGH, NORMAL or LOW porosity?


I am Winney from

This is my story

I transitioned from relaxing my hair to natural in June 2015.

I knew very little about taking good care of hair. I tried several natural hair care routines and even bought tons of products that were recommended in the natural hair community. Unfortunately, I did not get the results I desired.

I had a longing to understand the science of hair and why supposedly ‘African hair doesn’t grow long!

Natural Hair Growth Tips

Flash forward…

Through books, experimenting and simply learning from others, I have been able to create a routine that has worked very well for my hair. It did not happen overnight, I took time to understand my hair (what it loves and what it doesn’t.)

Why Loving Kinky Curls?

My focus is discovering, experimenting and creating natural homemade hair care products and sharing the results, tips & recipes to help women transition their DAMAGED hair back to natural, ON A BUDGET!

Find your favorite recipe here

I understand you may not have the time to actually follow every one of these recipes and therefore, I have created a Recommended Products page to help you pick hair products that are made specifically for natural afro-textured/curly hair. Click on the image below to see the products that I recommend.

We all have unique hair and so what works for me may not work for you, but you can only find out if you have the right information and do some experimenting.

Best products for 4c hair 'growth
Check Out My Favorite Natural Hair Products

In addition to sharing hair care recipes, I share useful content that will help women of African descent understand their hair and develop simple, easy to follow hair care routines. Find all blog posts here

Natural 4C hair growth tips

Want to learn more about 4C Hair?

Find everything you need to know about Natural oils in the links below

Do you prefer Homemade Remedies (DIY) for hair growth?

Did you know you can effectively use herbs to grow healthy hair? Find out below.


For purposes of understanding my point of reference, on the hair grading systems, my hair falls in the 4C Hair category. Many African women have type 4 hair in general but there are such great variations on the type 4 hair scale alone that I personally use the term 4C hair loosely, so that you understand broadly what I mean when I describe my hair type.

Otherwise, whilst I reference to 4C hair (only because it’s the hair type I have most experience in) the information in this blog is broadly for afro-textured/kinky/coily hair type.

Growing your hair doesn’t have to be an hectic or expensive journey, it should be as simple and as affordable possible.

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