12 Simple Ways to Make Natural Hair Soft

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How to make natural hair soft

Are you looking for simple ways to make your natural hair soft and long? Then you are in luck because in this article I will share 12 simple ways to make natural hair soft. In my first year of going natural, I really struggled to manage my thick afro-textured hair. One thing I did not know is that I should … Read More

How to Take Care of Natural Hair in Braids to Remain Healthy and Last Long

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how to take care of natural hair in braids

Although braids can be worn for long while protecting the hair, many people forget to give their hair the love and attention that it needs when wearing braids and this may lead to hair damage. Braids are an excellent protective style that can shield your hair from environmental damage and excessive breakage resulting from heat styling or over-manipulation. In this … Read More

Benefits & Side Effects of Rice Water on hair

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Benefits and side effects of rice water on hair

Rice Water has gained popularity as a ‘Super Hair Product’, however very few people pay attention to the side effects of rice water on hair. In this article we will delve into both the benefits and side effects of rice water on hair. Benefits of rice water on hair 1. Rice water promotes hair growth To make protein and keratin that … Read More

Why is My Hair Not Growing? Here are 14 Reasons

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why is my hair not growing

Sometimes hair won’t just grow, and it can be frustrating. Some possible causes include high stress levels, a poor diet, poor hair care practices and using the wrong products. Read on for more reasons. ……………. At some point in my natural hair journey, I felt that my natural hair was not growing despite all the care I gave my 4C … Read More

10 Effective Ways to Encourage Natural Hair Growth

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how to encourage natural hair growth

If someone promised you a ‘magical product’ to grow your hair overnight, they lied to you. In this article you will learn about some of the best hair growth tips that will encourage healthy hair growth. SUMMARY: Focusing on proper nutrition by having a healthy balanced diet is fundamental in hair growth Moisture is key in promoting hair growth. Lack … Read More