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Welcome to Loving Kinky Curls. Our little corner on the internet where we talk about healthy hair care practices.

Our goal is to inspire you to love, embrace and appreciate the uniqueness of your natural hair. Whether you have kinky, curly, wavy or straight hair, just know its beautiful and deserves lots of love.

I am Winney the Founder and Digital Creator at Loving Kinky Curls.

This is my natural hair story.

My Transition

Natural Hair Growth Tips

I transitioned from relaxing my hair to natural in June 2015.

At the time, I knew very little about taking good care of hair. I tried several natural hair care routines but nothing seemed to work.

I had a longing to understand the science of hair and why supposedly, ‘African Hair Doesn’t Grow’.

Flash forward…

Through books, experimenting and learning from others, I have been able to create a routine that has worked for my hair.

It did not happen overnight, I took time to understand my 4C hair and what it actually needs to thrive.

Why Loving Kinky Curls?

My focus is discovering, experimenting and creating natural DIY hair products and sharing recipes on this platform so you can RESTORE your hair back to life.

I understand you may not have the time to actually follow every one of these recipes and therefore, I have curated a page with ESSENTIAL PRODUCTS and tools that you will need on this link:

In nutshell, for a simple hair care routine, you will need the following:

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For purposes of understanding my point of reference, on the hair grading systems, my hair falls in the 4C Hair category. Many African women have type 4 hair in general but there are such great variations on the type 4 hair scale alone that I personally use the term 4C hair loosely, so that you understand broadly what I mean when I describe my hair type.

Otherwise, whilst I reference to 4C hair (only because it’s the hair type I have most experience in) the information in this blog is broadly about hair care.

Growing your hair doesn’t have to be an hectic or expensive journey, it should be as simple and as affordable possible.

Happy to answer your questions. You can reach me by sending an email to contact@lovingkinkycurls.com


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