Benefits Of Using Castor Oil On 4C Hair

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Castor Oil for 4C hair growth

Why is castor oil so popular in the natural hair community? This is a questions I kept asking myself when I realized that every other natural hair blogger has talked about Castor Oil. This obviously tells you that I did a lot of research on Castor Oil before incorporating it into my 4C hair care routine. What are the benefits … Read More

10 Most Effective Ways to Moisturize 4C Hair

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how to moisturize 4c hair

I know it may seem like having dry hair is just a part of being a 4C queen. Worry not! There are tried and tested solutions for this. Without a doubt, kinky hair textures often suffer from dryness because the shape of the hair strand makes it difficult for sebum to travel down the shaft to moisturize the hair. Finding … Read More

Is Olive Oil Good For Your Natural 4C Hair?

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Is Olive Oil good for 4C hair growth

Is Olive Oil good for type 4C hair? Yes, Olive oil is one of the best oils for curly hair and particularly type 4C. Type 4C hair has tight ‘Z’ curls, which makes natural oils from the skin to travel slowly to the hair shaft, leaving the hair dry and prone to damage. 4C hair benefits from Olive oil because of its intense moisturizing property. The oil coats and protects the hair shaft from breakage and heat damage.

21 Best Oils For 4C Hair Growth

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Best Oils for 4c hair growth

Natural oils form a very important part of  a woman’s hair care regimen. They keep our hair healthy and looking fabulous. Among other things, oils can be used for detangling hair because of their lubricating nature, oils can also used as heat protectors and when all the lipids are gone and the hair about to split, the fatty acids in … Read More