How to Care for 3B Curly Hair (The Right Way)

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3b Hair Type

3b hair is a member of the curly hair types, constituting wavy and springy ringlet curls. It’s characterized by:

  • Defined ringlet curls
  • Medium curls in circumference
  • Flat and oval follicles
  • Very voluminous
  • It’s prone to dryness hence requires good care to keep it healthy and moisturized

If what I just described happens to match your hair, here is what you need to do to take care of 3B hair:

1. Moisturize Properly

3B curls have quite a lot of body which makes dryness a common issue.

This is because the sebum secreted on the scalp fails to reach the full lengths of your curls thus some regions may be deprived of moisture.

It is therefore prudent to hydrate your hair as regularly as possible. Make use of oils such as argan oil and olive oil to seal the moisture. Double that with natural butters and your curls will thank you.

The LOC method of layering products is quite effective for moisturized and defined 3b curls. The acronym is quite easy to remember with ‘L’ for Liquid, ‘O’ for oil and ‘C’ for cream.

The liquid may stand for any water-based product like Leave in or water itself. This method locks in moisture throughout the whole hair.

2. Have an Effective Wash Routine

3b hair type, how to care for 3b curly hair

3b hair is quite susceptible to dryness so wash day should be limited to once or twice a week. The wash routine has to be properly defined to avoid any hair loss or weakening. 

The following elements are crucial to preserving your bouncy curls.

  • Pre-poo: This includes applying a pre-poo treatment before the actual shampooing of your hair. This creates a shield coating on the hair that protects it from being stripped of moisture by the shampoo.
  • Shampoo: Look out for a moisturizing shampoo that is gentle on your 3b curls.
  • Co-wash: This involves washing your hair solely with conditioner. Continuous use of shampoo is dehydrating for the hair and it is good to incorporate a co-wash which helps get your hair clean without losing too much hydration.

3. Deep Condition 3B Hair

Deep conditioning generally improves the protein balance of the hair strands which boosts hair growth.

Aside from that, it unclogs the hair cuticle which paves the way for sebum secretion that bolsters the general health of the hair. Additionally, it tames frizz on the curls.

For 3B hair, it’s good to include deep conditioning at least two or three times a month to give your hair the rejuvenation it needs and reserve your natural curl patterns.

Deep conditioners can be homemade from your kitchen like an egg with olive oil combo. You can also use avocado, mayo, aloe vera, and coconut oil to formulate your  own conditioner.

4. Style it Properly

One way to preserve your curls is to use protective hairstyles. These are essentially updos that protect the hair from damage from the environment be it low humidity or high temperatures. The hair is tucked away in that it has lower exposure.

Protective styles for 3b hair may include buns, two-strand twists, finger coils, box braids, or goddess braids.

While styling remember not to make them too tight because the porosity of the hair is medium and overly pulled hair may lead to breakage.

Here is a video tutorial by Jayme Jo on how to style 3B hair correctly:

5. Protect the Hair When Sleeping

Friction from sleeping can cause knotted, frizzy, and matted hair which can cause hair loss.

Thus, it is good to reduce that rubbing together by use of silk or satin bonnets, hair wraps, and pillowcases. 

Lastly, never sleep when your hair is still wet as the friction will make you ditch some hair strands. Wet hair is generally more fragile to breakage. Trust me, you do not want to wake up and find your hair on the pillowcase.

6. Trim Split Ends

Split ends are caused when the out covering of the hair strand is peeled off exposing the hair shaft. This can perpetuate hair thinning and hair loss.

Trimming those frayed ends will stop ripping that outer layer along the remaining end of your hair. You can do this easily at home with a pair of cutting scissors.

7. Minimize Heat Exposure

Heat styling drains the hair of all its hydration and this leaves dull hair. The curls lose their definition because of less moisture present in the hair and can easily break.

So, when you’re seeking a straight look, use a heat protectant before subjecting it to flat irons or blow dryers.[1]

When dealing with wet hair, you can use a soft towel to reduce its dampness then let it air dry, or use a hair diffuser. That way you preserve the balance of moisture in your hair.

8. Use Chemical Treatments with Caution

Chemical treatments like relaxers and texturizers are great for getting straight hair. However, it is important to use these products carefully.

The first thing to remember is to always protect the scalp before applying the product. A good protector is petroleum jelly. Avoid leaving the product in for too long and when washing always use a good hair treatment and conditioner.

A key aspect to keep in mind is refraining from using chemical treatments too frequently as it may cause the hair strands to get very brittle and easily cut off.

9. Use the Right Products

Know the porosity of your hair so you can use the right products. If your 3b hair is low porosity, go for light products and if it’s high porosity go for heavier products.

Look out at the ingredients list to avoid sulfates and parabens which are damaging to the hair. Try out lightweight products with simple organic ingredients that are naturally beneficial to the equilibrium of the hair.

Moreover, some conditioners and hair masks can be made in the comfort of your home, you can save some coins and gain healthy hair. It’s a win-win according to me.

10. Be Gentle

Neatness is paramount for the day-to-day but that does not necessarily advocate for tugging your hair with a brush 1000 times to get it detangled.

Brushing and combing excessively usually creates a leeway for breakage, weaker hair strands, and bald spots. I bet we can all agree that bold spots are quite the nightmare and it takes extra effort to conceal them.

So try and detangle your hair when and put in place a protective style. That way you’ll be good to go.

Key Takeaway:

3b hair is outstandingly gorgeous and should stay that way. Here is how you take care of 3b curly hair:

  1. Moisturize  
  2. Have an effective wash routine
  3. Deep condition 3b hair 
  4. Put it in protective styles
  5. Protect the hair when sleeping
  6. Trim split ends
  7. Minimize heat exposure
  8. Use chemical treatments with caution
  9. Use the right products
  10. Be gentle

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