10 Extraordinary Benefits of Baobab Oil on Hair

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Baobab oil for hair

Did you know that besides being good for your skin and nails, Baobab can work magic for your hair as well?

I use Baobab Oil on my natural 4C hair either to prepoo my hair or in my hot oil treatment blends.

Also referred by many as the ‘Tree of life‘, the Baobab tree is valued for its powder and oil extracts which have the ability to transform your hair. This is why it has been used for centuries in wellness and beauty treatments. Part of its appeal lies in its longevity. A single tree can last for over 500 years.

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Is Baobab Oil good for hair?

Baobab Oil is among the few natural oils that contain omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids. All these are very valuable to your hair. The oil is known for its moisturizing abilities as it contains acids such as linoleic acid which act as moisture retention agents, an important aspect for hair and especially 4C hair which is prone to dryness.

An interesting feature of the Baobab tree is that the roots reach the deepest soil in search of water and nutrients. The tree has the ability to store gallons of nutrient rich water in its trunk to survive harsh droughts.

Benefits of Baobab Oil on Hair

As mentioned earlier, Baobab oil is highly nutritious and thus very good for the hair. If you are wondering where to purchase Baobab Oil, you can buy it Online from Amazon. Below are ten benefits you will get from using Baobab oil on your hair.

1- Moisturizes dry hair and scalp

Baobab oil is an excellent choice for hair nourishment. It has collagen producing properties that allow your body to use amino acids to build hair proteins and strengthen the skin that holds your hair roots, thus preventing the hair from follicle damage. Additionally Baobab contains softening and regenerative properties that help hair reverse dryness and aid in moisture retention. This is an important value for 4C hair which is prone to loss of moisture due to its nature.

2- Readily absorbed deep into the hair follicles

Think of oil that penetrates deep into the hair follicles, Baobab is one of them. As highlighted in the Organic Herb Website, the oil has an acid profile of one-third saturated fats, one-third monounsaturated fats, and one-third polyunsaturated fats, the different Baobab oil components work together to leave the hair soft and elastic. While saturated fats penetrate the hair cuticle, the polyunsaturated fatty acids on the surface create a film that acts as an emollient making detangling easier. It adds gloss and shines to your mane, and seals water inside the hair. This property is important for 4C hair which dries up faster than other hair types.

3- Treats dandruff and itchy scalp

Dandruff is a resultant of dry skin. Baobab oil is an excellent repair for dry skin and therefore with its application, dandruff is no longer a subject to worry about. Also, it is an excellent oil to repair damaged hair which may lead to an itchy scalp. 4C hair known for its tangling properties can benefit immensely from this rich oil.

4- Induces hair growth

For the longest time there has been a preconceived notion that African hair and especially 4C hair does not grow, or rather, that it takes forever to grow an inch. Baobab oil is packed with nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A, D and E, all known to trigger hair growth even for a bald head. Besides being a great moisturizer it seeps deep into the follicles triggering cell growth.

5- Protection from pollution and UV rays

Baobab oil has the ability to protect the hair from environmental damage. Not only does it protect the hair from harmful pollution and UV rays, but it also repairs the damaged cells. Coupled with its ability to penetrate the deepest lengths of the hair shaft Baobab oil will bolster your hair from within giving it a refreshing look.

6- Makes hair glossier with an excellent shine

Baobab oil contains 6 times more vitamin C than an orange. Vitamin C is known to promote hair elasticity and strengthen hair. It also helps with the absorption of iron. With all these nutrients sapping into your hair, Baobab oil will leave your hair looking radiant and lustrous.

7- Non greasy oil

While there is nothing as annoying as greasy hair, it is important to keep hair moisturized. For 4C hair, moisturizing regularly helps in protecting the hair from dryness and keeping it in good shape. Baobab oil is light and easily absorbed. It goes a long way in promoting a glossy feel without leaving your hair particularly greasy.

8- Anti inflammatory properties

Due its nutritional contents, Baobab oil is used for treatment of scalp conditions such as eczema, psoriasis amongst others. It is known to be soothing to the skin. You can try out the various Baobab oil deep conditioning treatments that will work the magic when it comes to rejuvenating your hair and scalp.

9- Nourishment

Baobab oil is a power pack when it comes to providing nourishment and will leave your 4C hair looking healthier. The oil is also known to provide better frizz control. It helps in leaving hair softer thus making it more manageable.

10- Strengthening

Research has proven that Baobab oil is effective in strengthening hair strands and providing exceptional anti aging benefits. Application of Baobab oil will leave make your hair seem younger and healthier.

How to use Baobab Oil For Hair Growth

Wondering how to use this miracle oil? Well, it is pretty simple and can be incorporated into your hair routine in a number of ways.

1- As a single oil Pre-poo

For starters, you can warm up the oil to make it easier to use, apply the oil to your scalp and hair strands and then give yourself a nice scalp massage preferably at night, so as to allow your hair to suck up the nutrients from this miracle oil. You can shampoo your hair the following morning to wash off the remnants.

Read this article to learn about the pre-poo process and other oils you can use to pre-poo your hair.

2- Oil Blend Pre-poo

Mix Baobab oil with shea butter, honey, tea tree oil or eucalyptus and jojoba oil to make a power pack that will give your hair a boost like no other. The mix can be applied overnight to allow the hair to suck up all the richness.  The hair can then be shampooed off the following day, and you are assured that it will exude its natural beauty in a way that you haven’t seen before.

3- As a conditioner

Baobab can be used as a conditioner or can be mixed with your conditioner to give your hair a softer look. The oil is known to act as a shield and will protect your hair from damage.

How is Baobab oil extracted?

Baobab oil is extracted by cold pressing the seeds. These seeds are packed with nutrients, borne out of the ability of the tree roots ability to reach out to the deepest lengths for water and nutrients, and the ability of the tree to thrive in harsh conditions.

What you need to know when purchasing Baobab oil

An important tip to note when going shopping is that many of the available Baobab oil products are predominantly silicone ingredients with little of it in essence. If you want to enjoy its full benefits, ensure that you go for 100% pure cold pressed Baobab oil.

Well you’ve heard it; the fruit of life is definitely something that should be on your next hair shopping list. It will not only leave your hair lustrous, it will also leave your skin glowing. Give it a try, won’t you?

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Benefits of Baobab Oil on 4C Hair

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  1. Really surprised that this oil can help smooth scalp psoriasis. I will test it and report the results after 1 month of usage.

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