Grapeseed Oil: Benefits & Uses on Natural Hair

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Grapeseed Oil for natural hair growth

While you may not have thought of it, Grapeseed Oil is a wonderful extract for your natural hair. Like other natural hair oils, Grapeseed oil has been used as an effective natural hair treatment and moisturizer. It is very lightweight and hence easily absorbed into the hair. It is generally recommended to people with low porosity hair but can be used by all porosity types. Grapeseed oil can revitalize weak damaged hair, effectively treats dandruff and leave your hair healthy and stronger and with a vibrant look.

Origin and nutritional value on hair

Grapeseed Oil has existed for over 6000 years and has been used by ancient medical practitioners to address numerous health problems. Grapeseed Oil also known as Grape Oil is extracted from the seeds of Grape plant, scientifically known as vitis vinifera. The grapevine is widespread in both the Mediterranean region and Asia. It is believed that the Greeks were the first to consume grapes for their numerous health benefits. The oil has also been used in Europe to create ointments and other medicinal applications. Over time, the Grapevine eventually reached North America and is now cultivated internationally.

Is Grapeseed Oil good for natural hair?

Grapeseed oil has countless benefits on hair. The Oil is packed with Linoleic Acid, Oleic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, Palmitoleic Acid, Vitamin E, and beta-Carotene. All these contain nutrients that promote healthy hair growth. Grapeseed Oil is a natural antiseptic and helps in cleansing the pores in the scalp, protects against dry scalp and promotes a balance in oil production. Additionally, Grapeseed oil helps in promoting blood circulation which is essential in hair growth. It also contributes to a lustrous look on the hair. 

Benefits of Grapeseed Oil on natural hair

1. Provides relief from dandruff

Have you experienced dandruff resulting from dry flaky skin? Well, Grapeseed oil offers effective treatment for dandruff and other dermatological conditions caused by a dry flaky scalp.  For effective use rub the Grapeseed oil into the scalp in a circular motion. This will allow proper absorption and cause increased blood flow hence nurturing a healthy skin.

2. Minimizes hair loss

Grapeseed Oil contains antioxidants that help to block the production of DHT, a hormone that causes hair loss. Grapeseed Oil can also be used to promote relaxation of the hair follicles, preventing hair loss caused by cortisol, a hormone released when you’re stressed. A Japanese Study also indicates its effectiveness in promoting hair growth. Mix a few teaspoons of Grapeseed Oil with a drop or two of Jojoba Oil and rubbing it into your scalp to treat hair loss.

3. Strengthens hair

Grapeseed Oil contains Vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps to build tissue, and linoleic acid, a fatty acid which promotes hair and skin growth. Treating brittle hair with Grapeseed Oil will help to restore its strength and shine.  Cover your hair and massage it with preheated Grapeseed Oil. Wrap it overnight and wash it in the morning, for a lustrous appearance.

4. Moisturizing and conditioning

Grapeseed Oil is your ideal oil for moisturizing and conditioning low porosity hair because it easily penetrates the hair.  Besides being lighter than oil such as Coconut or Olive Oil it is non-greasy and odorless. It enables locking in of moisture thus preventing frizz, split ends and breakage.

5. Natural sealant

While many sealants are known to be heavy Grapeseed Oil is light oil that can be used as a natural sealant for your hair. It helps in locking in moisture and protecting your hair from breakage.

How to use Grapeseed Oil on natural hair

1. Use it to moisturize your hair

As mentioned earlier Grapeseed oil a great moisturizer and sealant for your hair. Its major advantage is in the fact that it is water-soluble, light and odorless. Use it be used once or twice a week to moisturize your hair.

2. Use it in your DIY hot oil treatment

Grape seed oil can be used as a DIY hot oil treatment. It can be used alone or with other essential oils such as coconut oil or jojoba oil.

3. Seal Moisture with Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed Oil can be used to lock in moisture and prevent your hair from breakage. Apply a leave-in conditioner and follow it up with a Grapeseed Oil extract to seal and lock the moisture.

How is Grapeseed Oil extracted?

Grapeseed oil can be extracted through the cold-pressing method or solvent extraction. Cold-pressing involves crushing the seeds in an expeller press to separate the seed oil from the seed extracts, which can be turned into wine or juice. After the oil has been completely extracted, it is set aside in a container and allowed to settle for about 24 hours. The Grapeseed oil ranges in color from yellow to yellowish-green and has a subtle characteristic scent. Cold-pressed Grapeseed carrier oils retain their natural aroma and health benefits.

In the Solvent Extraction method, the grape seeds are introduced to food-grade solvents that draw the oils out of the grape seeds. In this method, there is chemical assistance to increase effectiveness.  It also involves applying high pressure and high heat which alters the chemical composition of the oils.

Grapeseed oil can be used on its own or with other essential oils. It should be used with caution for those with allergic reactions to other essential oils.

In conclusion, Grapeseed Oil is light and non-greasy and is suitable for all hair types It is particularly recommended to people with low porosity hair because of its lightweight nature which makes it easy to be absorbed into the hair. Grapeseed oil is polar oil meaning it contains heteroatoms that carry different electronegativity to non-polar oils. This makes it unique in that it is water-soluble and improves the appearance of your hair, giving it a lustrous appeal.

Benefits of grapeseed oil on natural hair

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