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bubble braids, how to do bubble braids

Bubble braids are back, with so many cute variations being created each day. Curious to know how to do bubble braids? then keep on reading.

Looks like these braids are ruling the awards season as Doja Cut performed at the Grammy Awards in March wearing them, and Priyanka Chopra stepped onto the BAFTA’s red carpet with amazing ponytail bubble braids.

They get their name from the chunky hair extensions that look like bubbles.

These braids are achieved by tying the hair with either rubber bands or a hair extension on one or more ponytails leaving spaces of about an inch between them.

The versatility of styling bubble braids is endless as they can be rocked in ponytails, French braids, pigtails, and more.

Stick with us to learn more about this throwback style.

How to do Bubble Braids

If you’ve searching for a bubble braids tutorial, look no further. Here is how to do cute bubble braids:

Step 1- Prepare the hair extension

  • Start by preparing the braid extension. You can use any braid with a kinky texture.
  • Depending on the size of bubbles you want you can use both long and short kinky hair extensions.
  • The kinky texture will give the hairstyle a fluffier look and will also make the style last longer.
  • Fluff out the braid extension (use your fingers, comb, or both).
  • Remove any tangles from the synthetic hair using the comb to make your work easier.

Step 2 – Do the bubbles

  • To attach the extension, use the braiding-over method
  • Do this by putting the braid extension between the natural hair.
  • Braid the natural hair over the hair extension.
  • Secure it using the wrap method. When wrapping the hair extension do it tightly to avoid any hair unraveling when wearing this style.
  • Create the bubbles by tying knots along the braid. The shorter braid you fluffed when starting the process is used here to wrap around the bubbles.
  • Choose the number of bubbles you would like for each braid.
  • If you prefer lots of bubbles, tie the knots closer together and if you like a few, space them far apart.

Step 3: Finish and style

Finish off by twisting and tying a knot, and cut off any excess braid at the ends.

Repeat the process for all the sections of your hair. Ensure all the bubbles and hair sections have a uniform size to have a seamless look.

Accessorize the style as you desire.

There are a variety of accessories such as metal rings, pearls, beads, and shiny elastic bands that you can add to give an extra pop to this hairstyle.

Types of Bubble Braids

1. Two bubble braids

As the name suggests, two bubble braids are simply bubble braids created by dividing your hair in two evenly between the scalp.

You can put the hair in a ponytail on either side of the head. Then you create the bubbles on each ponytail ensuring they are all uniform in size.

You can also wear the 2 bubble braids on the lower end of your hair, safely tucked away from your face.

This style is perfect for a workout at the gym, or outdoors.

2. Bubble box braids

Box braids are a unique protective hairstyle that is currently popular all over the world.

To add glam to the hairstyle you can incorporate bubbles at the end giving rise to a new hairstyle coined bubble box braids.

After sectioning your hair into the box shape, plait it halfway before introducing bubbles towards the end.

3. French bubble braids

To achieve this look, you will need to add bubbles to your French braids.

French braids are a popular hairstyle created with the overhand braiding technique and many of us love to rock it.

After installing the French braids, add bubbles underneath to give them a fresh, unique look that you will definitely adore.

4. Pigtail bubble braids

Pigtails are loved by children. However, adults can rock this hairstyle as well. What is better than adding lovely bubble braids to your pigtails?

The good news about pigtail bubble braids is that you can create them on any hair type and length.

You can also add hair extensions to add volume to your hair and make the pigtail bubble braids stand out.

Final thoughts;

Bubble braids are popular as this style is easy to achieve with practice at home.

The versatility of styling bubble braids is endless as they can be rocked in ponytails, French braids, pigtails, and more.

They give an illusion of increased hair volume to people with thin hair, therefore, enhancing one’s look. Bubble braids protect your hair from over-manipulation and heat damage as well.

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