Does Stinging Nettle Promote Hair Growth? Find Out Today

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Stinging Nettle for Natural Hair Growth

Nettle is of one of those plants that grow anywhere [literally], it doesn’t need special care for it to grow and spread far and wide. Many people, however, don’t like it because they consider it a weed, plus it has tiny prickly hair, that prick your skin and inject a dose of chemicals such as histamine and formic acid if … Read More

Moringa for Hair: Benefits & How to use to promote hair growth

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Herbs for natural hair growth - Moringa

Moringa is a herb that has been used for centuries because of its health benefits and medicinal value. Over the recent past, this herb has become a popular natural Ayurvedic remedy in hair care. Moringa is one of my favorite herbs that I have included in my natural hair care regimen because of how it intensely nourishes my natural hair. … Read More

Flaxseed Gel Recipe + 9 Tips for Using it on 4C Hair

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Flaxseed Gel for natural 4C hair

People are now turning to various home remedies as alternatives to store bought products to speed up hair growth and treat various hair conditions. This is because they have realized that the products available in the market either have too many harmful chemicals or do not give the results they promise. One such home remedy that has been used for … Read More