Effective Natural Remedies For Dandruff in 4C Hair

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natural remedies of dandruff in 4C hair

There is nothing as annoying as noticing white flakes on your cloths the moment you touch your head! Unfortunately very many of us suffer from dandruff and despite doing so many things that we think will alleviate the problem we still find those ANNO-YING white flakes on our sparkling clean cloths. In this article, based on extensive research, I have … Read More

37 Herbs for Natural Hair Growth – 4C Hair Care

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Herbs for natural hair growth

Are herbs good for natural hair growth? Herbs have been used for various purposes in nutrition, medicine, skin care & hair care. Some of the reasons why herbs are becoming popular in natural hair care is because of their ability to promote strong, thick, healthy hair growth. Top of the list of popular herbs used in hair care include: 1. … Read More

Flaxseed Gel Recipe + 9 Tips for Using it on 4C Hair

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Benefits of Flaxseed gel on 4C hair

People are now turning to various homemade remedies as alternatives to store bought products to speed up hair growth and treat various hair conditions. This is because they have realized that the products available in the market either have too many harmful chemicals or do not give the results they promise. One such home remedy that has been used for … Read More