Is Coconut Oil Good for Low Porosity hair? Find Out Now

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is coconut oil good for low porosity hair

Coconut oil is a popular oil that has become a staple in hair care. It works well for most people. But, is Coconut oil good for low porosity hair? The short answer; Coconut oil does not work well for some people with low porosity hair. It’s considered to be among the heavy oils and thus not easily absorbed by the … Read More

4 Easy Hair Porosity Tests to Determine Your Hair Porosity

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Hair Porosity Tests

Many people will tell you that understanding your hair porosity is the first step is establishing an effective hair care routine – I certainly agree with this. Knowing how to test your hair porosity, however, is usually the challenge. To determine your hair porosity, there are different hair porosity tests you can perform to know if your hair falls into … Read More