Dookie Braids: Why are They Called Dookie? How to Install

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dookie braids

Want to diversify your hairstyles? Then give dookie braids a try! We all love hairstyles that are versatile, cute, and easy to get done.

Dookie braids fit this exact description. These braids became popular in the 90s and are still a favorite today.

With dookie braids, you can have them long, or short, play with different colors and you’ll still look stylish and cute. If this is a hairstyle you are keen on trying, read on to find out:

  • What are dookie braids
  • Why are they called Dookie Braids
  • How to do dookie braids
  • What’s the difference between Dookie braids and box braids

What are Dookie Braids?

Dookie braids are a type of braids that are large and few on the head. You most probably know them as jumbo braids. Unlike other braiding styles, your hair is often parted in bigger sections and the braid is also done in a thicker size.

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The fact that they are fewer means that they take less time to get done, so less time is spent sitting down in the salon. Moreover, dookie braids are a protective style, giving your hair a break from all the constant manipulation.

Why are they called dookie braids?

In the early 90s, the braids were done in a way that resembled a lumpy piece of dookie, explaining the name.

But really, there is no clear origin of the name and that’s why people prefer to call them jumbo braids.

How to do dookie braids

You may achieve this hairstyle with extensions, but if you have long hair you can go ahead and braid it instead.

Step 1: Start on clean hair

Shampoo and condition your hair before installing the style. This ensures that you braid your hair on a clean scalp, allowing the hairstyle to last longer.  It also prevents scalp infections that are associated with a dirty scalp.

Step 2: Moisturize

Moisturized hair is happy hair, especially hair that is not about to be touched for a while. Moisturizing your hair before installing a protective style allows you to reap all the benefits that come with having one installed.

A common way of doing this is by using the LOC method. In this method, you apply a leave-in conditioner first, followed by an oil, and lastly hair cream.

Step 3: Section the Hair

When it comes to this step, as we mentioned before, section your hair into a few jumbo-size sections. The number will be dependent on how many braids you want on your head, but they can’t be too many.

Step 4: Braid each Section

Use gel at the base of your braid to get a sleek, fine look on your scalp. Pick one section and divide the hair in that section into three and start doing three-strand braids, while feeding in the braid extensions.

Do this until you have achieved your desired length.

You can use alligator clips or a hair elastic to keep the other sections in place and keep them out of the way. Make sure that the braid is thick, thicker than normal braids.

If you don’t prefer gel, you can use rubber bands to secure the base of the braid before adding in the hair extension.

Alternatively you can braid the hair without gel or rubber bands. The only challenge with this method is that the braids will not last long because some hair may slip off the large thick braid. If you are planning to wear your dookie braids for a week or less, then this method is perfect.

Step 5: Finish

Proceed to dip the ends of your braids in hot water to prevent them from unraveling (only if the type of extensions you are using recommends it).

Finish off with laying your edges using a styling gel and you’re done!

Dookie braids vs. box braids

Well, there isn’t much of a difference between box braids and dookie braids. One noticeable one may be the fact that dookie braids are bigger in size than your regular box braids.

At the same time, if you part your hair into boxes while doing dookie braids, then you have box dookie braids. See what we mean when we say there isn’t much of a difference?


Dookie braids are cute and versatile and not to mention that they prevent you from sitting for hours in the salon! We hope his article gave you enough information to inspire your next style.

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