Freeform Dreads – Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

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Are freeform dreads the new way of locking hair, is it the new natural and a way of expressing hair freedom? Probably.

Simply put; Freeform dreads are locs that form naturally without any manipulation on the new growth.

They are another interesting and fun way to start or continue growing your dreadlocks with very minimal maintenance.

If you are looking to get started with freeform dreads, then this article is for you.

Here is what we will cover:

  1. What are freeform dreads?
  2. How to start freeform dreads
  3. How long it takes for freeform dreads to form
  4. Who can get freeform dreads
  5. When can you start freeform dreads

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What are freeform dreads?

Freeform dreads are dreads formed by allowing the new growth of your hair to grow out organically without any manipulation. They are also called freedom, natural, organic, or free style locs.

These locs/dreads/dreadlocks can start as single strands of braids and with time the hair is left to grow out and loc on its own.

They are low budget, easy to maintain and cause little to no harm to your natural hair as they are a protective hairstyle.

Freeform dreads give you the option to appreciate and explore your natural hair texture and you do not have to worry about styling them when you get out of bed. There is a lot of freedom and authenticity that comes with this hairstyle.

How to start freeform dreads

Freeform dreads can be started in many different ways. These are the 3 most popular methods of starting freeform dreads:  

1. Letting your hair grow out naturally

This method involves starting the locs naturally without combing or brushing it after washing it.

Your hair will eventually start to part and loc on its own. As the locs begin to form, they will enter a stage known as the ‘ugly stage’ and it is normal. All you need to do is be patient and let everything grow out.

2. Twisting or braiding your hair

Another easy method for starting freeform dreads is by braiding or twisting the hair.

Start by washing the hair then proceed to twist or braid in the size you envision your locs to be in in future.

After that, let your hair grow out without retwisting or parting the locs.

It’s recommended that you twist or braid your hair without any products for a better and firmer grip. This will also avoid product build up on your locs. It is usually hard to wash off products when your hair starts locking together.

3. Interlocking your hair

This method involves using a crotchet hook to lock your hair from the base. The interlocking method gives your dreads the strongest foundation. 

As your dreads grow out, they will become heavier, and the interlocking method gives them better support as they grow. Although this method takes longer to install, it is worth it in the long run.

As you begin your freeform dreads journey, its important to keep your hair clean. You will want to avoid build up of natural oils, sweat, and dead skin on your hair, therefore you can wash your locs every month.

A lot of people who have freeform dreads also testify that washing your hair helps your freeform dreads loc faster, so this can be your motivation to keep them clean. Watching this video to learn more.

How long do freeform dreads take to form?

It takes an average of 1 to 2 years for your freeform dreads to fully form and get in shape. Therefore, be patient as you begin this journey.

Of course how long freeform dreads take to form depends on the texture and type of your natural hair.

If you have hair that is thick and has a tight curl pattern, your freeform dreads will begin to form a lot faster compared to straight and thinner hair.

Who can get freeform dreads?

Anyone can get freeform dreads installed. Whether you have thick or thin hair, freeform dreads can be an option for your hair.

There is however a misconception that  dreads common among people who are very spiritual, deep into their culture and consider this a holistic journey.

Freeform dreads are often very thick and appear frizzy as they grow. Be prepared for this before you decide to start your freeform dreads.

When can you start freeform dreads?

Freeform dreads can be started at any stage, whether you have short or long hair. If you already have dreadlocs installed, you can choose to continue the journey without retwisting, or interlocking your dreads all over again and transition to freeform dreads.

Freeform dreads are worth the try given the ‘freedom’ that they come along with. I mean, who doesn’t want to save an extra coin while still slaying on a budget.

All the same, before you settle for the style, ensure you do extensive research on what you are about to get yourself into.

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