10 Trendy Hairstyles for Short 4C Hair That Will Make You Look Young

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hairstyles for short 4c hair

Did you just do the BIG CHOP and are wondering how to style your short 4C hair?

Well, you are in luck.

In this article I will share 10 very easy to install hairstyles for short 4C hair.

When my hair was short, I loved twist outs. For some reason, I find twist outs on shorter hair much prettier and stylish compared to long 4C hair.

Despite being harder to style, there are so many hairstyles for short 4C hair that look good.

Hairstyles for short 4C hair

Here are 10 hairstyles for short 4C hair:

1. The Rugged Afro

This is the most popular and simple style that involves wearing the hair as an afro and only needs an afro pic comb. You may not always need a comb, you can still style it with your hands and it will still look cute.

The rugged afro looks very natural and gives your hair the 90s vibe.

Look at how beautiful she looks in the short afro!

2. Two Strand Twist Out

Twist out is one of the most popular and simple 4C hair hairstyle that also doubles up as a protective style.

There are a number of techniques you can use to achieve this look and you only need water and the right products for the twist outs out to come out looking perfect.

Once you have moisturized your hair and detangled it well, divide your hair into sections depending on the size you want your twist outs to be.

You may want large curls, tight ringlets or chaotic waves.

I love how Sheila’s twist outs turned out here! Makes me want to big chop again! Just look, isn’t she gorgeous?

3. Rod Sets

Don’t we all love rod sets! This super cute hairstyle works well on short 4C hair. This hairstyle kind of gives the single strand twist out vibe but definitely a much MUCH easier way to achieve the look.

I am clearly obsessed with Sheila, but who is a better model? Short hair really looks good on her!

4. Flat Twist

Flat twist can be worn twisted or as flat twist-outs. You can decide to rock the flat twits for a while before you convert the style to a flat twist out.

5. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots is such a classic style for short 4c hair and just to show how trendy it is, we have seen some celebrities like Cardi B rocking them on the red carpet.

For short 4c hair, this is a go to style not only as a protective style but it gives you an edgy look.

This hairstyle is extremely versatile and you can also use gel to style it.

It is such a simple and neat look.

Some people prefer having the knots smaller and others prefer the larger knots but all in all it works out great if you have short 4c hair.

6. Wash and Go

Just as the name suggests, this is a pretty simple style especially for short 4C hair.

If you are a little impatient and do not have a lot of hours to dedicate to a style, wash and go is a hairstyle that you can actually rock.

If you choose to go with this style, it’s important to know that your hair needs a lot of moisture.

This will require you to condition your hair regularly to keep your strands moisturized and easier to style. You will also need to invest in products and ensure they penetrate through your hair.

7. The Mohawk

If you have short 4C hair, the mohawk wash and go style comes very naturally. Investing in a lot of hair pins will come in handy when it comes to making the mohawk work.  

Add as many pins as you can on your hair sides and leave out the hair in the middle and you are good to go.

You can also spice up your mohawk by doing some easy conrows on the side and accessorizing them.

8. High Puff

That period after the big chop where you have relatively short hair can be one that you can use to experiment with different hairstyles.

The high puff wash and go is a great style that will pump up your look. Once you wash your hair or you spray with water, you can easily make the high puff by using a headband.

The easiest way to achieve the high puff especially if you have the short 4C hair is by placing the headband on your neck and then slowly pulling it up to your forehead and sliding it upwards while using your hands to slide in the hair.

9. Space Bun

Space bun is a great hairstyle for short 4C hair and does not take so much time or effort to do. It is as simple as dividing your hair into two and then pulling the hair into half updos. 

You can use bobby pins to secure any stray hairs and ensure that the space buns remain neat for as long as you want. Lastly, once you make the space buns, you can incorporate braids or weaves on the bun to make the look more classy and secure.

10. Head Wrap

You will have days that your hair will refuse to cooperate or you will not have energy to style it and this is where your head wrap will come in handy.

The bigger the fabric you are using, the more versatile hairstyles you can try as they cover a bigger area of your hair.  

You can switch up the head wrap look on your hair based on your outfit, how you feel and the occasion. Lastly head wraps can also be used to protect your hair from any damage as most of your hair will be covered up.

Transitioning from relaxed hair and growing your hair back up has its challenges especially that long stage when the hair is short and you basically have no idea what to do with it. These styles will help you switch up your look from time to time.

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