The Inversion Method for Natural Hair Growth

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Inversion Method for hair growth

Throughout my natural hair journey I have come across, well, let’s just say bizarre techniques, remedies and routines for promoting natural hair growth. Surprisingly most of them do work, if used correctly.  

I was a “doubting Thomas” when I learnt about Rice Water and Onion Juice treatments but still went ahead to try them! The linked articles will give you more information on these two remedies if you haven’t heard about them.

In this article, I will be delving deep into the Inversion Method, a technique that is claimed to promote natural hair growth. Before giving this technique a try, I was very skeptic, this led me to doing lots of research, talking to people in the natural hair community and reading through authority websites that have talked about this technique.

Now that you are reading this, I will assume that you are also yearning to understand everything about the Inversion Method. Get a hot cup of coffee, get comfortable and read on!

What is the Inversion Method?

The Inversion Method is a technique that involves inverting or flipping the head as a way of stimulating hair growth. For effectiveness, this method requires that an oil or blend of oils are massaged into the scalp before proceeding to invert the head for about 4 minutes.

Those who have been successful with this method recommend using this technique every day for seven days.

Tons of people have claimed success with this method with some reporting that they gained an inch in a week! Before you think that you will gain such growth, it is important to remember that there are other factors influencing natural hair growth including genetics.

So what one person will achieve in length may not be what you will achieve. If I take my example, I tried this technique for a week but did not see much results and therefore to be quite honest, this technique is not for everyone.  If you find it uncomfortable staying in an upside down position for about 4 minutes, then this is not for you.

The science behind the Inversion Method for natural hair growth

Whilst there’s no scientific evidence on the effectiveness of the inversion method in promoting natural hair growth, when combined with other methods such as the use of essential oils for scalp massages, the method has yielded positive results in many people. This is why the method has been fronted as a possible way of promoting natural hair growth.

What exactly is the science behind the Inversion Method?

Why invert the head?

The purpose of flipping/inverting the head upside down is to increase blood flow to the scalp. Blood flow is important in hair growth. The follicle’s purpose is to transport oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and therefore by massaging and inverting the head, you facilitate this process and so what this method really does is to promote blood flow to the scalp which in turn transports nutrients and oxygen required for hair growth.

Hair grows from the root at the bottom of the hair follicle. Blood vessels in the scalp help to nourish the root.  This helps in the formation of more cells and stimulation of hair growth. The hair is the then pushed to the surface of the scalp.

Why massage the scalp when doing the Inversion Method?

Research indicates that the use of a scalp massage promotes hair growth by increasing blood flow into the scalp, where the hair follicles benefit from nutrients. In this survey 327 participants who massaged their scalp from 11 to 20 minutes per day for approximately 6 months reported stabilization in hair regrowth.

In a different case study, three treatment techniques (hair massage, relaxation procedures, and monetary reward) were applied to a 16-year-old male with a five-year history of Alopecia. Comparison for seven months without treatment versus seven months with treatment showed that loss of hair significantly reduced after three months of treatment and new hair growth was marked in the last four months.

Essential oils used in scalp massages help in stimulating hair growth and in improving hair health. A study by the Journal of American Medical Association, 44 percent of patients who had scalp massages with essential oils such as rosemary, thyme, lavender and cedar for at least two minutes daily showed vast improvements in hair growth.

The Inversion Method Process

  1. Dilute three to five drops of the essential oil of your choice with a carrier oil, of your choice
  2. Warm the oil and apply it to your head focusing on the scalp.
  3. Gently massage your scalp with your fingers, using a circular motion and alternating between clockwise and counterclockwise for 4 to 5 minutes.
  4. Find a comfortable position and flip your head upside down to increase blood to flow to your scalp. You can sit on a chair with your knees apart and invert your head below your head. Also flip your hair forward so it’s hanging upside down.
  5. Hold this position for 4 minutes. If you begin to feel dizzy, weak, or any other discomfort, gently get back to an upright position and do not proceed with this method.
  6. Take your time to sit up in a normal position as you may experience dizziness in the process.
  7. If possible, leave the oil in your hair for 2-3 hours or overnight if possible as the head inversion may cause increased intake of nutrients.
  8. Wash off the oil from your hair using a gentle shampoo and conditioner
  9. Repeat the process daily for a week

Note: It is possible to do the inversion method of hair growth without the use of oil. However, essential oils have a wealth of benefits such as hair growth stimulation it is highly recommended to use these oils. Warming the oils is not necessary but as we know the scalp reacts better to warm products, and therefore is good to have the oils warmed.

Safety and precautions when using the Inversion Method

There are no set safety guidelines for the inversion method and no proven record of research on this. However, it is important to note that by carrying on with this method, there may be risks associated with the fact that you will be hanging your body upside down for some time.

The state of your health and the period that you invert yourself also matters.

This method is not recommended for people with the conditions such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, back pain, ear infections. Pregnant women should also avoid this method for hair growth. (1)

This method is unlikely to work if you do it more than the recommended times a month. This is because your body will get used to it and the blood flow may not increase as much compared to the first time you do it.            

If you ever decide to give this method a try, be sure to stop when you feel uncomfortable or start to feel dizzy.

When all is said and done, maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be your number one priority before anything else. Other things like hair growth will come naturally if you properly take care of yourself. There are also lots natural hair growth remedies that you can try out that do not involve staying in awkward positions!

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Inversion Method for hair growth

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