Is It Really Bad to Blow Dry Hair? (See Pros and Cons)

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Is blow drying hair bad

If you are like most people, you’ve probably at one point asked this question: is blow drying hair bad?

Blow drying hair is a popular styling technique that has been used since the late 18th century. However, based on the knowledge that a blow dryer uses heat, it begs the question if it is beneficial for hair in the long run.

In this article, we will consider both the advantages and disadvantages of blow drying hair. We will also look at proven ways to maximize the benefits of blow drying while minimizing hair damage.

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Is Blow Drying Hair Bad ?  

The short answer is: Sometimes blow drying hair can cause damage if done too frequently under high temperatures.  With that said, if done correctly blow-drying hair can be very handy if you do not have enough time to air dry.  

The greatest factor to ensure you minimize damage from the blow drying heat is to use the right technique, moderate heat and to be mindful on how often you blow-dry your hair.

To a great extent, damage can also be reduced by ensuring you are using the right blow dryer. See the top 3 that we recommend:

A study carried out on the effect of heat on hair revealed that the likelihood of hair damage increased as the heat temperature increased.

Heat on hair was also found to significantly reduce moisture content in hair and increase lightness in hair color. [1]  

Interestingly, the study found that using the hairdryer approximately 15 cm away from hair caused less damage than natural methods of drying hair.

Disadvantages of Blow Drying Hair

If the wrong technique is applied, excessive heat used and blow drying done too frequently, it may result in the following cons;

1. Moisture Loss

Heat from hair dryers is known to strip up moisture from hair thus drying both hair and scalp. Due to this, scalp conditions such as dandruff are more likely to occur.

2. May result in hair breakage

Moisture-stripped hair is more likely to be dry, brittle, and with split ends, thus more prone to breakage causing hair loss.

3. May lead to burns on the scalp

If excess heat is used, users also risk experiencing some degree of burns on the scalp or any other skin surface close to the hair.

Advantages of Blow Drying Hair

Even with the disadvantages, hair-drying has some benefits when used correctly.

1. Ease in styling and manipulating hair

Most users swear by how it increases ease in styling and manipulating hair. Truth is, especially for curlier hair types, styling can get a bit hectic during the week or weekend.

The heat from the hairdryer straightens hair making it easier to manipulate and tame.

2.  Faster drying

Blow drying hair is very handy when it comes to the get-ready process. Because it removes moisture from hair, a hair-dryer reduces the time spent drying hair.

Additionally, because it now becomes easier to style, one can enjoy a variety of different hairstyles.

3. Volumizes the hair and prevent tangles

One of the greatest advantages of blow drying hair is that is increase the hair volume and results in tangle free hair.

Several Quora user believes that blow-dried hair dries faster increases volume and the ease of creating new hairstyles as frequently as possible.

The same users believe the make or break factor is in the technique with which a blow-dryer is used.

In this case, then, it becomes necessary to learn some of the best ways to protect your hair from heat damage that comes from hair dryers.

How To Blow Dry Hair the Right Way (To Prevent Damage)

is it bad to blow dry your hair

1. Hold the blow dryer at a safe distance

Holding the blow drier at a safe distance reduces the harsh effects of heat damage arising from hair. 

It additionally reduces any other effects including skin damage to areas adjacent to hair as well as hearing loss that comes with having the hairdryer too close to the ear.

2. Use a heat protectant

Heat protectants comes in different forms both as sprays and lotions.

The way that heat protectant works is similar to sunscreen film in that it forms a barrier between the hair cubicles and the heat source to minimize the effects of heat damage.

Apart from heat protectants, leave-in treatments especially are great in offering protection to the hair and strengthening hair strands.

3. Keep the heat low

Different heat settings work to achieve different outcomes. However, it is recommended to keep the heat at a low to reduce the chances of serious heat damage.

According to Dr. Joseph Cincotta has stated earlier that any hair exposure to temperatures above 392 degrees Fahrenheit is likely to cause irreversible damage to hair. [2]

4. Work in small sections

Blow-drying hair all at once is a recipe for knotted hair that is difficult and painful to untangle. To make the process easier, hair should be detangled in parts of 3 to 6 depending on the curl pattern.

Sectioning hair makes the detangling process a breeze and reduces tagging which leads to hair loss.

5. Use a hairspray to preserve the style

To minimize the need to re-blow dry soon, hold the style and volume of hair, it is recommended to use a trusted hair spray for best results.

In a nutshell: Is it bad to blow dry your hair?

If done wrongly, blow drying will be bad for your hair. For instance, if you use very high heat and have the blow dryer too close to the scalp, you will end up with damaged hair.

If done right however, blow drying hair is great for styling and significantly reducing the time spent air drying hair.

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