17 Really Cute Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

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Natural Hairstyles for black women

Looking for inspiration for natural hair styles for black women? Then you are in the right place because in this article we will share 17 very cute hairstyles you can try on your natural hair. 

These are the styles we will review in this article:

  1. African Threading
  2. Finger coils
  3. Afro
  4. Bantu knots
  5. Two Strand Twists
  6. Twist Outs
  7. Sleek Bun
  8. Blow Out
  9. Braid out
  10. High Puff
  11. Twisted Crown
  12. Fro Fringe
  13. Defined curls
  14. Box braids
  15. Cornrows
  16. Bubble Ponytail
  17. Curly Ponytail

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Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

#1. African Threading

African threading, natural hairstyles for black women

This is a low-manipulation hairstyle that works exceptionally well to stretch hair.

If you are looking for heatless hairstyles, this is a good, low-effort one to try.

After cleaning and moisturizing your hair, wrap yarn around each section along the length of the hair.

You can leave out some hair at the tips for a more stylish look like in the picture above.

#2. Afro


CAN you have a natural hairstyle compilation without the classic afro?

This hairstyle works great no matter the length or curl pattern fro.

It’s easy to achieve since it requires little manipulation and is flattering for most face shapes.

Pro tip: keep your hair well moisturized to keep it looking healthy and shiny.

#3. Twist Out

Twist Out

Once your twists have aged out, you can opt to leave them in twist-outs before your next wash.

To achieve this hairstyle, unravel your twists in the opposite direction.

You may opt to use hair oil to keep the hair smooth and shiny.

An important tip to remember is to ensure your hair is dry to reduce frizz. To increase volume, consider picking your hair from the roots.

#4. Braid out

A braid out is achieved by undoing braids. The curl pattern is slightly different from that of a twist out.

See the difference here: Braid Out Vs Twist Out.

How to Do a braid out

  • Moisturize the hair before installing the braids. Use a styling cream to achieve more defined curls when you undo the braids.
  • For best results leave the braids overnight or longer.
  • When undoing the braids, use some oil to detangle and gently separate the curls.
  • Finally, pick your roots to increase volume.

#5. Finger coils

Finger Coils

This hairstyle is perhaps one of the easiest ones to achieve especially on short hair.

Finger coils are achieved by wrapping your hair around your fingers and releasing it to achieve some defined curls. All you need is some curl-activating product and you are good to go.

For added length, consider clipping in hair extensions with a similar curl pattern

#6. Box braids

Box Braids

Box braids is a classic hairstyle for black women. This style is versatile depending on your length and color of braids you go for.

Begin by sectioning hair into as large parts and proceed to detangle the hair.

Next, take a smaller section depending on the size of braids you want and apply a curling product at the base to maintain its hold and keep it neat.

Finally split the section into three and attach your braid and then braid down.



Cornrows form an easy and cute protective style perfect for the warmer months.

Begin by sectioning your hair into as many parts as desired.

Next split the sectioned parts and begin braiding to the base of your head while adding hair as you move along the section.

The great thing with cornrows is that you can incorporate braiding extensions for a fun new color or added length.

#8. Bantu knots

Bantu knots have been rocked by several celebrities over the years. This cute hairstyle has its roots in the Zulu culture.

It is an effective protective style as it keeps moisture locked for a long time, requires little manipulation, and protect your ends from damage.

To achieve Bantu knots, section your hair, make two strand twists and then wrap the twist around to make a knot.

#9. Blow Out

If you are tired of protective styling and want an easier time handling your hair, then a blowout is a good idea.

This is achieved by using a hairbrush and dryer to stretch and straighten your hair out.

Make sure to incorporate heat-protecting hair products and techniques to protect your hair.

#10. High Puff

A high puff is a great and simple transition from either a twist out or a braid out.

To achieve this hairstyle, begin by moisturizing your hair and edges.

Next with a hair comb, pick your hair to increase volume. Finally use an elastic band to tie your hair.

A good tip is to wrap the elastic band around your fro instead, loop the hair tie and pass a hairpin through to the base of your puff.

#11. Defined curls

Defined Curls, natural hairstyle

Defined curls are a great and stylish way to switch things up.

  • Start by moisturizing and sectioning your hair.
  • Next, apply a curl-activating product and comb out your hair with a styling brush to achieve the desired results.
  • Use a setting spray to hold the curls in position.

Don’t hesitate to use your favorite accessories to personalize this look.

#12. Sleek Bun

A sleek bun works great for a well-polished look but also works great for a laid-back look.

To achieve this look, begin with well-moisturized hair and gather it at one point then tie it with a hairband. You may opt to use hair gel for a sleek look.

Then wrap a scarf around your hair for around 20 minutes to set it. You may opt to tie it into a low or high bun and include hair extensions to spice things up.

#13. Two Strand Twists

This is one of the trendiest protective styles for women with natural hair.

The style  involves sectioning your hair and with your fingers, making two strands twists.

The good thing with two strand twists is that you can make them as thick or as thin as you can like, and the styling options are endless including incorporating accessories such as scarves and headbands.

#14. Twisted Crown

This hairstyle works great on longer hair and comes in several variations.

To begin, apply some styling gel to your hair. Afterward, part your hair either at the center or the side. Twist your hair to the back of your head and hold it with bobby pins.

Alternatively, you can twist halfway and leave the rest of the other half in a fro.

#15. Fro Fringe

This is a stylish and easy variation of the classic afro. 

  • To begin, start by sectioning out a small section at the front of your hair for the fringe.
  • Next, use a styling product to smooth your edges then gather the rest of your hair and tie it with an elastic band.
  • Finally, release the front section and pick it to form a fro, and voila!

#16. Bubble Ponytail

This is a cute variation on the classic ponytail.

To achieve this look, gather your hair at the base of your head.

You may opt to use a styling gel or curl-activating product for a sleeker finish.

After tying your hair in a ponytail, use elastic bands to tie the ponytail a few inches apart. The end product is a bubble-like ponytail.

For shorter hair, the same can be achieved with a ponytail extension.

#17. Curly Ponytail

Another variation to the classic hairstyle is a curly ponytail.

This is achieved this look:

  • Curl the ends of the ponytails with rollers.
  • Afterwards, use a setting spray to hold the curls in position.

This hairstyle works great for a dressed-up look.

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