Cute Pink Natural Hair Planner


After struggling to keep  track of my hair routine, I decided to create this beautiful Lilac natural hair planner to help you streamline and simplify your hair care routine.

Best value: Buy once and re-use forever!

You will receive a PDF download containing 6 pages that include:

  • Affirmations & Goals page
  • Monthly routine summary
  • Weekly planner
  • Monthly planner
  • Overall month review

NB: This is a digital product and therefore Non-Refundable



2 years into my natural hair journey and the chaos of all the things I needed to do for my hair on top of all other things caught up with me.

This led me to using a simple notebook to plan and track my hair journey. I soon realized I needed a more organized way of planning and that is how this Cute Loving Kinky Curls Natural Hair Planner idea was born.

What I like most about being deliberate about planning for hair was that I was actually able to keep myself accountable and it made reviewing my natural journey much easier.

This little cute planner will help you put some structure into your hair routine especially if you love to track and review progress.