Stitch Braids : How To, Styles, How Long Do They Last?

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stitch braids

We all love hairstyles that are trendy, protective and versatile.

Stitch Braids fall into this category.

With stitch braids, you can play around with styles such as pop smoke stitch braids, stitch braids with curly ends, stitch braids to the back, stitch braids with heart, among others.

If this is a hairstyle you are keen on trying, then keep on reading.

What are Stitch Braids?

Stitch braids are sophisticated types of cornrows created by braiding hair with horizontal parts resulting in a stitch-like look.

This style can be done by adding synthetic hair or just braiding the hair alone.

Many people find them to be more stylish than basic cornrows.

Stitch braids often needs a skilled professional to get you the perfect stitch braids but you can also learn how to do them if you go through the guide in this article.

How to Do Stitch Braids

There are 2 methods of doing stitch braids.

  1. Stitch braids without rubber bands
  2. Stitch braids with rubber bands

For both methods, You need to do the following before installation:

  • Start on clean hair. Wash your hair normally with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Ensure the hair is detangled properly.
  • You can opt to stretch your hair or not as you can still achieve this hairstyle without stretching.
  • Prepare tools needed including: hair clips, a rat tail comb, edge control, hair mousse, and sheen spray.

You will also need rubber bands for the second method. 

1. How To Do Stitch Braids Without Rubber Bands

Step 1: Section your hair

Section the clean hair into the number of stitch braids you would like. You can do as few as 2 or as many as 8.

Step 2: Apply edge control

For a neat finish, apply edge control to the roots of each section.

Apply edge control to the roots of your hair to make the strands more manageable.

Go for edge control with natural ingredients and one use the edge control sparingly as too much will lead to build up.

Pro tip: Whilst it’s good to use edge control, it’s not mandatory. If you are sensitive to gels or waxes you can skip this step.

The only disadvantage with not using edge control is that hair will start sticking out of the braids sooner.

Step 3: Make horizontal parts as you braid

For this method, you will need to use the pinky finger or a tail comb to make the horizontal parts as you stitch along.

Make the first two horizontal parts using the tail comb or your finger and then braid.

After this first braid, add the synthetic hair as you braid down.

Keep using the comb and your fingers to make the horizontal parts and braid from the hairline down to the hair ends.

Ensure the horizontal parts are the same size for a more uniform and stylish look.

Repeat this process until you finish all the other sections of hair.

Step 4: Sheen Spray

Spray the braids with sheen spray after you finish to relieve itching and braid tightness.

You may also opt out of this final step if your braids are not too tight.

2. How To Do Stitch Braids With Rubber Bands

Step 1: Section your hair

Section the freshly cleaned hair horizontally depending on the size and number of stitch braids you would like.

You can make them two, five, or seven depending on you want.

Step 2: Apply edge control

Apply the edge control to the roots of each section.

You need the hair gel to define the edges, get a smooth, shiny look and make hair easier to manage. 

Step 3: Make horizontal parts as you braid

On each large section, part smaller horizontal parts and tie an elastic band on each of these parts.

The rubber bands will hold the hair roots in place without needing to braid them.

Then, holding the two horizontal parts at a time, add the synthetic hair to your natural hair and braid it down into a cornrow.

Repeat the whole process for the other stitch braids left.

It’s important to note that you don’t always need to add synthetic hair. This style can also be achieved using your own hair if it’s long enough.

How Long Do Stitch Braids Last?   

Stitch braids last anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks.

The duration varies due to factors such as hair texture, whether or not you used synthetic hair and edge control and braid care.

If your hair grows fast, then stitch braids may not last long.

This is because as your hair grows, it makes the stitch braids frizz and that means they are ready to be taken off.

Maintaining the style essentially needs you to cover your hair at night with a silk bonnet. This ensures there is little to no friction and also helps retain the moisture in the hair.  

How Do You Wash Stitch Braids?

With stitch braids, you do not have to wash your hair entirely. To maintain a clean scalp:

  • Dip a ball of cotton or clean cloth into your shampoo then rub it through your scalp.
  • Clean off the shampoo by dipping another clean cloth or cotton ball in warm water and rubbing it on your scalp. This can be done every 2 weeks.
  • Apply conditioner the same way as you did the shampoo focusing mainly on the hair roots, and let the hair dry completely. 

You can apply light essential oils such as Jojoba and Argan oils onto your roots and the entire scalp.

Always remember to keep the stitch braids well moisturized for them to last longer.

What’s The Difference Between Feed-in and Stitch Braids?

  • Feed-in braids need extra hair to be fed in little by little giving the bottom more length and thickness than the top while Stitch braids have a stitch-like look and have uniform thickness along the braids as there is no extra hair fed in.
  • When doing the feed-in braids, you will use the index and middle finger to create the perfect braids while for stitch braids, you will need to use the pinky finger with a long nail to give them the stitch look.
  • When starting feed-in braids, you start with the natural hair and add the synthetic hair as you keep braiding. With stitch braids you have the artificial hair started from the beginning with knots.
  • Stitch braids need more edge control to prevent frizz compared to feed-in braids.

Stitch Braids Styles

Here are some great finds for inspiring stitch braid styles.

All credit goes to the various profile owners. Show them love by following, commenting etal….

#1. Stitch Braids with Heart

This is just cuteness reloaded! See how you can add hearts and any other shapes to style your stitch braids.

#2. Pony Tail Stitch Braids

You don’t have to do your stitch braids only to the back, a ponytail is another cute style you can try.

#3. Stitch Braids Men

When it comes to stitch braids, men have not been left behind.

#4. Stitch Braids to The Back

If you are looking for a stylish hairstyle to protect your hair, then stitch braids should be your go-to.

They offer versatility through beautiful styles and designs. This style is lightweight and has minimal cases of hair loss and it promotes hair growth. 

BTW, did you know hair porosity plays a key role in hair growth? Take this simple hair porosity test to determine if your hair is HIGH, LOW or NORMAL porosity.

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