Two Strand Twist Starter Locs – What You Need to Know

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Two Strand Twist Starter Locs

Of all the different methods of starting locs, Two Strand Twist Starter Locs are by far the easiest and most convenient way to start your locs especially if you plan to install the dreadlocs yourself.

If this is a technique you would like to use to start your locs, then keep on reading. In this article we will cover the following;

  1. What are two strand twist starter locs?
  2. How to start locs with two strand twists
  3. Maintaining two strand twist starter locs
  4. How long does it take for two strand twists to loc?
  5. Tips on preventing the locs from unraveling
  6. How often should you re-twist the 2 strand starter locs?

NB: I will be referring to locs and using all the name variations (Dreads, dreadlocks, dreadlocs) across the article.

What are two strand twist starter locs?

Two Strand Twist Starter Locs are baby locs that are started using two strand twists. The two strand twists hold up the hair as the roots begin locking.

They are installed by rotating two strands of hair together in the opposite direction.

Depending on the length of your hair when starting the locs, they can be long or short.

Most people prefer starting their locs when the hair is short hence why you will see a lot of pictures on short two strand starter locs.

Here is a summary of the advantages of 2 strand twist starter locs;

  1. Very easy to install. Anyone who can twist their hair can install these starter locs
  2. Very cost effective. Imagine doing this by yourself? No need to pay expensive consultation fees and installation fees.
  3. Good for people who desire thick locs. The looser you twist the hair the thicker they will form
  4. Requires relatively fewer products when installing
  5. Can be done on any length of hair (from 2 inches)

It’s not always all rosy with 2 strand twist starter locs. Here are the disadvantages;

  1. The twist pattern takes long to disappear
  2. The twist tend to unravel if not installed well

How to start locs with two strand twists

How to start locs with two strand twists

The biggest advantage of starting locs with two strand twists is that you can do this by yourself at the comfort of your home.

Here is a step-to-step guide on how to install two strand twists starter locs.


  • Clean your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
  • Proceed to deep condition your hair as this helps with any damage moisturising your hair.
  • Have your tools and products at hand
  • Ensure you are seated at a comfortable place.

Products & Tools

When installing two strand twists, you will need the following items.

  • A mirror to help you see your sections
  • Comb for sectioning
  • Hair clips and elastic bands (rubber or natural)
  • Oils preferably castor oil as it helps thicken the locs, or coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin E oil
  • Towel 


  • Section your hair in 4-8 equal parts and clip or twist away the sections
  • For each large parts, depending on the size of locs you want, section out smaller hair for twisting, . Always remember the locs turn out thicker than the original twist so have this in mind when doing the 2 strand twists.
  • Box partitioning is preferred as it allows the dreadlocs to grow round.
  • Starting from the roots, moisturise, detangle and separate the hair section you are working on using your desired hair locking product into two strands.
  • Twist each strand of hair and rotate against the other strand in the opposite direction. Repeat this process till you get to end.

How to care for two strand twist starter locs

Once you have the two strand twists starter locs installed, you must take care of them so they remain healthy and lock faster. Here is how you maintain two strand twist starter locs:

1. Protect the locs when sleeping

Cover your hair with a satin scarf or satin bonnet when you sleep as a protective measure. This helps with retaining moisture and avoiding any frizz from occurring. Covering the twist also minimises the unravelling.

2. Be mindful when washing

Wait at least a week till you can wash your newly installed two strand twist starter locs. This gives your hair time to mature and loc together.

Generally, avoid washing your starter locs daily. Although two strand twists locs can endure a lot of manipulation, daily wash eliminates the natural oils your hair produces. The natural oils hair produces is essential for your hair to thrive.

When you wash the locs ensure you use dreadlock shampoo. Using regular shampoo could leave product residue on your hair. If you can use a mesh cap on while washing to prevent the locs from unraveling (although not mandatory)

3. Gently tighten the locs

Use a dreadlock accelerator on your two strand twist locs. The dreadlock accelerator helps your twists tighten further as they dry up.

Consider rolling your twists in between your palms one by one in the direction your two strand twists were made. It helps in tightening the locs further.

Add wax or oils to your roots to prevent them from drying out.

4. Don’t over-moisturize

Ensure your hair fully dries out. You can air-dry it or use a blow-dry. Leaving it with moisture for a long time can lead to mildew formation and a stench may result.

5. Use elastic back to tie the ends

This is not mandatory but if your hair tend to slip and unravel easily, consider using elastic bands at the ends of your twists. The bands hold the new twists together allowing your hair to stay put. Alternatively use a curling gel and roll up the ends to prevent unraveling

How long does it take for two strand twists to loc?

Two strand twists usually start to loc well from about 6 months after installation. It can take up-to a 2 years for the twist pattern to completely disappear and for the locs to swell up properly.

At about  2-3 months however, you should start to see the twists locking if you installed them well and follow a proper locs care routine.

Thick and curly hair will loc faster compared to other types of hair.

Well-maintained two strand twists will also loc faster compared to those that are not well maintained. 

How often should you re-twist two strand starter locs?

You can re-twist your two strand twists starter locs every time you wash your hair. However, if you do not have a consistent routine, you can re-twist your locs 1-2 times a month.

Re-twisting your two strand twists starter locs often will eventually make your hair weak and thin. As a result, your hair will break a lot.

If you have any doubts about re-twisting your hair by yourself, it is safe to visit a professional loctician to do it for you and advise you on how frequently to re-twist your starter locs.

How to keep two strand twist starter locs from unraveling

Keeping the ends of your 2 strand twist starter locs from unraveling is what everyone locking their hair desires.

Here is a list of things you can do to help protect your locs from unraveling:

  • Coiling. When installing your starter locs, you can coil the ends of each twist around your finger to keep the ends intact.
  • Use elastic bands: Using elastic bands at the ends of every twist after a couple of days or hours after installation.
  • Use gel, wax or heavy oils like Jamaican black castor oil when making the two strand twists or re-twisting to hold up the hair.
  • Use hair clips or bobby pins to hold the two strand twists when you are installing the two strand twist or re-twisting them.
  • Cover the locs with a satin scarf or satin bonnet when you are sleeping. This preserves your hair from unraveling when you toss and turn.

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Two Strand Twist Starter Locs Before and After

Here are some before and after pics for two strand twists starter locs, all credit to these wonderful ladies. Check them out on IG.

Look at how beautiful @kingofkinkz two strand twist locs turned out, wow!

I love the volume for these locs, good job @michellelthames

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