Why are Some of My Hair Strands Crinkly? (9 Reasons)

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Why are some of my hair strands crinkly

If you are dreaming of strong, healthy, super long, smooth and silky hair then unruly crinkly strands are the last things you want to see on your head.

Here is why some of your hair strands are crinkly:

1. Heat damage from styling tools

One of the leading causes of crinkly hair is heat damage from styling tools.

Excessive use of heat styling tools (blow dryers, curling irons etc) damages the hair.

The hair loses its natural shape and crinkles up. For those with curly hair, the curls lose their natural curl pattern.  

Protect your hair when using heat by using low heat settings and of course do not forget to apply heat protectant before you blow-dry.

Also, try alternative hair-drying methods that do not involve heat such as air drying.

2. Split ends

When the hair cuticle is damaged either by environmental factors like the sun, rain, wind, or pollution and excessive brushing split ends occur.

The hair strands become crinkly, rough, shabby, dull, and break off easily.

With split ends detangling hair becomes an uphill task. If you notice your hair has split ends get them professionally trimmed to avoid further damage to your tresses.

Ensure the hair is properly moisturized by using deep conditioning treatments and get oil massages to clear any crinkled splits.

3. Excessive shampooing

Shampooing the hair too frequently is not ideal as this will make your hair strands crinkly.

Shampoo strips the hair of its natural oils like sebum leading to dry, unruly hair. It is important to wash your hair only when necessary to avoid stripping it of essential natural oils.

Switch shampooing with co-wash to help your strands recover from any damage while providing the hair with maximum hydration.

4. Using the wrong products

Using the wrong products for your hair may lead to crinkly hair. Wrong products also lead to product build-up on the hair causing dry, dull hair which you would not like.

Ensure you apply conditioner properly and regularly for healthy, and strong hair. Using a shampoo that contains harsh ingredients

Shampoos that contain harsh ingredients such as, parabens, and sulfates that damage the hair.

Sulfates for instance strip hair natural sebum causing dry, crinkly hair.

Alcohols used as thickening agents in many shampoos make hair weak, and brittle. When buying shampoo, look for sulfate-free shampoos that are safe for your hair.

Look for those brands that fully disclose their ingredients to avoid these harsh chemicals on your hair.

5. Not detangling properly after washing

If you do not detangle the hair properly after washing, some strands become crinkly.

Also, detangling with the wrong products, or on dry hair leads to hair breakage and damage.

It’s important to detangle hair when it is a bit damp, not dry. Ensure the hair is properly moisturized with conditioner before you start the process.

When detangling, work gently especially on the ends of the hair as they are the weakest.

6. Overusing hair dye

hair dye

Hair dye weakens hair bonds making the hair strands weak and crinkly.

Dyeing hair too often makes the hair look dull with no lustre.

The hair texture changes making the hair unmanageable and hard to even comb.

Whenever you dye the hair, take breaks in between for your hair to regain its strength. Nourish the hair strands with deep conditioners and DIY masks.

7. High exposure to UV rays

The sun has harmful UV rays which weaken the hair making it prone to crinkles and breakage. Sun-damaged hair loses shine and is also frizzy.

Cover your hair with a hat to avoid direct contact with sunlight.  Use conditioners and shampoos with UV protection before going out to the sun.

8. Chemical damage

Chemicals such as chlorine strip the hair of its natural oils leaving the hair strands dry, crinkly, dull, and rough.

It damages the hair shaft, changing the hair’s natural color leaving it brittle and weak. If you are a swimmer, ensure you rinse and wash away all the chlorine from your hair.

Wear protective gear such as a swim cap on your head to prevent any chlorine from getting to your tresses. Wash the hair with a gentle clarifying shampoo to get rid of all chlorine from your hair.

9. Nutritional deficiencies

Did you know that zinc deficiency can lead to crinkly hair? [1]

What you eat greatly impacts the health of your hair.

When the body lacks nutrients such as Vitamins and minerals, the hair becomes dry, brittle and crinkly.

It is therefore important to incorporate foods such as pumpkin seeds, oats, flax seeds, oysters, sesame seeds, and beef which are sources of zinc.

Zinc and iron are crucial for keratin production and you can even buy a mineral formula that has both zinc and iron. Vitamin B repairs any damaged, dry, brittle hair giving it a chance at life.

In Summary;

Crinkly hair results from:

  1. Heat damage from styling tools
  2. Split ends
  3. Excessive shampooing
  4. Using the wrong products
  5. Not detangling properly after washing
  6. Overusing hair dye
  7. High exposure to UV rays
  8. Chemical damage
  9. Nutritional deficiencies

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