Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast? Top 5 Reasons

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why does my hair grow so fast

Fast-growing hair on your head is definitely something to celebrate (at least for most of us).

However, when it comes to other body hairs this might be a bit of a nuisance if you prefer to keep things clean and smooth.

If your hair grows fast, chances are the same applies even to your body hairs, for instance, eyebrows, eyelashes, and pubic hair.

Read on to find out some of the factors that lead to fast growing hair and what you can do manage such hair.

Why Does my Hair Grow so Fast?

why does my hair grow so fast

1. Genetics

Genetics is the most common reason for hair qualities such as growth rate, color, density, curl pattern and more.

For this reason, people of Asian descent tend experience a faster hair growth rate than other races thanks to the difference in genetic makeup.

Additionally, genetics also contributes to common hair and scalp conditions/illnesses such as Alopecia which affects the rate of hair growth.

Genes will therefore commonly explain a fast hair growth rate. If you have a family history of fast growing hair, it’s highly likely your hair and that of your offspring will grow fast.

2. Hormones 

Hormones play a key role in how fast of slow hair grows. Higher levels of estrogen and progesterone lead to faster hair growth.

Expectant women, for instance, report an increase in the rate of hair growth. This is attributed to the hormones estrogen and progesterone that are active during pregnancy.

This rate however reduces after pregnancy, leading to slow hair growth and even hair loss in some cases.

In men, the hormone testosterone can lead to the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which causes hair to thin and eventually reduces hair growth.

Another hormone that affects the rate of hair growth is the thyroid hormone. This hormone needs to be at equilibrium levels to allow for optimum hair growth.

In cases where the thyroid is either in excess or limited amounts, hair is likely to thin and fall out reducing the rate of hair growth.

3.  Age

The younger you are the faster your hair will grow. Aging significantly slows down the rate at which hair grows.

Research has shown that hair loss affects 40% of men at 35 years and up to 70% as they continue to age. For women, these statistics translate to 50% of women at 50 years. [1]

People at a younger age will therefore usually experience an increased rate of hair growth.

4. Nutrition

Nutrition has a big influence on hair structure and hair growth and as such a balanced diet will usually reflect in your hair.

Therefore, if your hair is growing very fast, the food you eat might have something to do with it.

Further, research has shown associations between hair disorders such as alopecia and nutritional deficiency. [2]

Some examples of nutritional deficiencies that cause slower growth rate in hair include iron deficiency, vitamin D deficiency, and zinc deficiency among others.

Iron deficiency for instance is explained to cause hair loss since it transfers iron from hair follicles to other body parts.

Apart from mineral deficiencies, deficiencies in proteins and calories have been found to cause slower growth rate.

Therefore a diet that is rich in essential nutrients is likely to nourish the hair cells and thus increase hair growth rate.

5. Good hair care practices

Good hair care practices certainly lead to faster hair growth.

Shifting from harmful hair care practices such as tight hairstyles, excessive styling, harmful hair products, and protecting the hair while you sleep significantly improves the health of your hair.

 A study conducted on hair care practices revealed that 75% of females believed that coloring hair directly worsened their hair condition.

Straighteners and dyes were also found to cause allergies, scarring alopecia, and an increase in hair breakage. [3]

Good hair care practices that include using gentle products, using silk pillowcases and sleeping caps, and reducing the amount of manipulation in hair can significantly increase the rate of hair growth.

How to care for fast-growing hair

1. Regular trims 

One way to get ahead of hair that grows too fast is to have regular trims.

The good thing about trimming hair is that you can either have it done professionally or DIY it at home. However, it is important to have the right tools and disinfect them to avoid infection.

2. Try new hairstyles

It can be annoying to maintain a short hairstyle when your hair just grows too quickly. However, you can play around with a medium short to a short hairstyle with regular trims.

Some cute hairstyles to try include a layered cut, a bob, or a pixie cut. What’s more, you can experiment with color to find something that specifically suits you.

3. Laser hair removal

When you are looking to permanently remove hair especially unwanted body hairs, laser hair removal is a good option.

Laser hair removal involves exposing hair to a light beam which destroys hair follicles over time.

The procedure takes an average of 6 treatments, which can take longer if the treatment is done at home.

With this procedure, ensure you protect the area from sun exposure until it heals.

4. Waxing and shaving

Waxing and shaving offer a temporary solution to unwanted hair. With waxing, hot or cold wax is applied to the skin, after which it is removed at once to pluck body hairs.

Unlike shaving, waxing has some level of pain. However, waxing results tend to be more long-lasting than shaving.


Your hair grows so fast because of:

  • Genetics – you have a family history of fast growing hair
  • Hormones – higher levels of estrogen and progesterone lead to faster hair growth
  • Age – You are young
  • Proper nutrition
  • Good hair care practices

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