10 Best Moisturizing & Sealing Oils For High Porosity Hair

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Best Oils For High Porosity

Moisture retention is the biggest challenge for high porosity hair. The oils you choose should therefore have both moisturizing properties and have the ability to seal the hair cuticle to prevent moisture loss.

In this article we will review 10 oils for high porosity hair.

In Summary;

The Best oils for high porosity hair are:

  1. Olive oil
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Avocado oil
  4. Babassu oil
  5. Rice bran oil
  6. Castor oil
  7. Hemp seed oil
  8. Shea butter
  9. Jojoba oil
  10. Sweet Almond oil

Whilst high porosity hair has cuticles that are raised making it easy for moisture and other hair products to be absorbed, the open cuticle also lose moisture easily.

Frizz and split ends are also other characteristics of high porosity hair and therefore oils that remedy these challenges should be your go to.

Now, let’s dive into reviewing oils that have moisturizing and sealing properties making them great for high porosity hair.  

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Moisturizing Oils for High Porosity Hair

Moisturizing oils can penetrate the hair shaft and scalp delivering moisture. Such oils work best when used with a water based leave-in conditioner.

The best moisturizing oils for high porosity hair are:

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is high in vitamin E, vitamin K and lauric acid. It does a great job at moisturizing the hair.

The molecular structure of coconut oil is small enough to penetrate your hair follicle though in limited amounts. It absorbs into the hair better than olive oil and for this reason it makes a better moisturizer as compared to olive oil.

Other beneficial properties include:

  • Acts as a barrier to the absorption of excess water which can be weakening to the strands.
  • Has anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. These properties make it a good remedy for scalp infections.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is derived from olives, fruits of the olive tree. Below are the properties that make Olive Oil great for high porosity hair.

  • Contains vitamins A, D, E and K. It’s also rich in  oleic acid, palmitic acid and squalene.
  • It is a good moisturizer making it great for high porosity hair
  • Penetrates the hair shaft and preserves moisture. This helps soften and fortify the hair strand as well.
  • Smoothens the hair’s cuticle enhancing shine.
  • Helps remove dandruff from the scalp
  • Inhibits absorption of excess moisture preventing frizz and breakage.
  • It has antioxidant effects and neutralizes free radicals on hair and scalp. Free radicals that are present on the scalp cause oxidative stress, which can damage your fragile hair strands.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is made from the yummy nutrient-rich avocados. Avocado oil has intense moisturizing and sealing properties making a great option for high porosity hair. It also has the following benefits for high porosity hair:

  • Avocado oil is good for damaged hair
  • The oil is rich in antioxidants, minerals, essential fatty acids, biotin and vitamins A, B-5, C and E.
  • High amount of vitamin E in the oil is essential for strengthening of the hair strands preventing breakage and reducing hair frizz.
  • Avocado oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These properties help provide good environment for healthy hair growth.

Avocado oil is lighter than olive and coconut oil therefore it absorbs into the hair shaft better than the two. It penetrates the hair shaft filling in gaps in the cuticle. This is very beneficial for high porosity hair because the cuticle tends to be more open.

Babassu Oil

Babassu oil is extracted from the seeds of babassu palm, a tree native to the rain forests of South America.

Babassu oil is solid at room temperature but rapidly melts at body temperature making it possible for your hair shaft and scalp to absorb it well.

It is rich source of saturated fats such as myristic and lauric acid. It also contains oleic acid, vitamins and several antioxidants. It’s great for high porosity hair as it:

  • Moisturizes and nourishes hair strands.
  • Prevents keratin loss which would lead to hair damage.
  • Can shield the hair from harmful ultraviolet radiation and high temperature.
  • Smoothen hair strands preventing frizz and tangles.
  • Protects the hair ends from split ends

Rice Bran Oil

Rice bran oil as the name suggests is extracted from rice bran, the hard outer brown layer of rice. Rice bran oil is light oil that easily penetrates into the hair shaft when applied leaving a non-greasy feel.

Rice bran oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins B, D and E, squalene and antioxidants such as ferulic acid, beta-carotene and gamma-oryzanol.

Here are the benefits of rice bran oil that makes it great for high porosity hair:

  • Stimulates hair growth.
  • It can heal, strengthen and moisturize dry and damaged hair
  • When rice bran oil is added to high porosity hair, it prevents moisture loss adding the suppleness and hair elasticity.
  • Contains antioxidants. Presence of free radicals can be harmful to your hair and scalp. They cause oxidative stress leading to oxidative damage. Antioxidants present in rice bran oil help get rid of the free radicals preventing damage.
  • Provides protection from harmful UV radiation.

Sealing Oils for High Porosity Hair

The main purpose of a sealing oil is to form a film around the hair cuticle.  This film prevents moisture loss by keeping it locked within the strands. This film can also create a barrier for moisture absorption and that is why sealing oils should be used after you have properly moisturized hair. Heavier and thicker oils are the best sealants.

The best sealing oils for high porosity hair are:

Castor Oil

Castor oil is extracted from the castor bean plant.

It is  good source of ricinoleic acid, a fatty acid that can fight against inflammation. When castor oil is applied on the scalp, it improves the health of the hair follicles preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth.

Here is why Castor oil is a good for high porosity hair:

  • Castor oil is good for sealing. It is heavy enough creating a seal on the hair cuticle thereby preventing moisture loss.
  • It is an antifungal and antibacterial making it good for clearing scalp issues.
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Many people who have used castor oil claim that it promotes hair growth
  • Removes toxins on the scalp that inhibit hair growth.
  • leaves hair feeling smooth and shiny

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is derived from the seeds of Cannabis sativa.

The oil is a good source of essential fatty acids such as linoleic and linolenic acids. Using Hemp Seed Oil on low porosity hair adds sheen, elasticity and moisture retention capacity.

Fatty acids help strengthen hair strands since they are needed for keratin bonding.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is derived from the seeds of jojoba plant (simmondsia chinenis) which is mostly found in North America.

It contains a rich amount of fatty acids and esters and is known to be the closest natural thing to the oils the scalp naturally produces, sebum. It is slightly waxy making it good at sealing moisture.

Helps restore the pH of hair and scalp back to normal. Jojoba oil also helps soften hair making it more manageable.

Shea Butter

Shea butter contains high amounts of vitamins A and E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

The following factor makes Shea Butter great for high porosity hair:

  • Shea butter contains high amounts of essential fatty acids which are thought to have moisturizing effects on the hair and scalp.
  • Fatty acids coat the hair surface adding shine to dull hair. This coat can also help to protect hair from moisture loss and heat damage from blow dryers and flat irons.
  • Vitamin A functions to prevent cellular turn over and promote collagen production.
  • It has anti-inflammatory effects. Using shea butter on the scalp is able to heal scalp irritation. Keeping the scalp healthy would mean maximum hair growth.
  • It has sun-screening effects. Shea butter has the potential of protecting the hair from damaging ultra violet rays. This is especially beneficial for processed or color treated high porosity hair.
  • Shea butter used on hair and scalp stimulates hair growth.

People with high density/ thick hair may find shea butter a more effective sealant. It keeps moisture locked in the hair thus preventing breakage. [1]

Sweet Almond Oil

Almond oil is made from edible almonds. Almond oil is easily absorbed by the hair shaft and scalp without clogging pores.

It contains vitamin E, potassium and zinc. It also contains fatty acids such as linoleic acid, oleic acid, linolenic acid, palmitic and stearic acid which contribute in making almond oil good for moisture retention.

Almond oil is a good sealant. It easily penetrates into the scalp and hair while sealing in moisture.

It also adds shine to dull hair follicles and aids in smoothing of hair strands. [2]

Before you leave, you may find this recommended products page useful. Here you will find the natural hair products that my friends & I have found to be very good for natural hair.

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  1. Hi there I randomly came across your website when I was looking up stuff on shea butter. How exactly would I use the oils? Do you like shampoo and then put them in while your hair is wet/damn instead of conditioner? I’ve never heard of this, but do you use it instead of shampoo and conditioner as a leave in product on dry hair? Thanks

    1. Hello Fiona – Use the oils either as a 1. pre-poo (before you shampoo, e.g the night before you wash your hair) as a hot oil treatment right after you have shampoo or to seal in moisture after you have conditioned your hair.

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