Cardi B Hair Mask: Ingredients, How To, Does it Really Work?

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cardi b hair mask ingredients

When it comes to homemade hair masks, the Cardi B Hair mask ingredients seems to be something everyone is suddenly obsessed with.

If you want to give your curls some serious TLC, then you should definitely give the Cardi B hair mask a try!

A while back, iconic rapper Cardi B took to Instagram to show us the homemade hair mask that she uses religiously.

Might this be the secret to her long healthy hair? Does the mask really work?

Cardi B Hair Mask Ingredients

Cardi B uses very simple and readily available ingredients for her mask. Here is a review of each of these ingredients.

1. Avocado

Avocado contains several vitamins and minerals such as A, B2, D, E, potassium, magnesium, copper, and iron.  All these vitamins and minerals:

  • Encourage hair growth by unclogging hair follicles.
  • Some have antioxidant properties that create a protective barrier over your scalp and hair.
  • Strengthens and nourishes your hair strands.

Avocado also contains fatty acids which make it a good moisturizing agent, leaving your hair feeling smooth and silky and also preventing breakage.

2. Eggs

Eggs contain a variety of nutrients that are nourishing and beneficial to your hair.

They contain healthy fats that make your curls look shiny and sleek and also help in replenishing moisture, vitamins such as vitamin A and E nourish your hair helping it become stronger.

Furthermore, the protein present in the egg helps strengthen your hair follicle and replenish any proteins that may have been lost as you styled your hair.

3. Banana

Bananas contain a mineral element known as silica, which helps your body synthesize the protein collagen.

This may make your hair stronger, and healthier and prevent frizz.

Bananas have been proven to have antioxidant and antibacterial properties which help deal with and reduce dandruff.

Their antioxidant properties also help stimulate hair growth as they strengthen the hair follicles.

4. Honey

Honey has both humectants and emollient properties hence is a great moisturizer for hair, increasing its moisture content. This helps add shine to your hair, strengthen it and restore its natural luster.

Moreover, honey contains antioxidant properties, which ensure that your scalp remains healthy and supports healthy hair growth. [1]

It is also packed with an array of vitamins and nutrients that work together to ensure that your hair stays healthy.

5. Mayonnaise

The main ingredients present in mayonnaise are eggs and oil. The protein present in eggs helps thicken and strengthens your hair follicles, hence strengthening your hair from root to tip.

The oil helps hydrate your hair, softening your curls and nourishing them in the process.

Mayonnaise also contains vinegar, which has antibacterial and antioxidant properties that helps reduce dandruff and deal with hair mice.

6. Black castor oil

The numerous nutrients present in black castor oil nourish your strands and strengthen them, making your hair healthy. They also improve blood circulation in your scalp which encourages hair growth.

7. Olive oil

Olive oil contains nutrients such as Oleic acid, vitamin E, and squalene which have been shown to have numerous benefits to hair.

Oleic acid helps moisturize your curls by helping your hair shaft restore moisture.

Vitamin E on the other hand helps reduce frizz, hence making your hair feel smooth and also promotes a healthy scalp as it is an antioxidant.

In addition, squalene increases the hydration content of your hair giving it that healthy moisturized look.

Cardi B hair mask ingredients

Cardi B Hair Mask Recipe


  • 2 ripe Avocados
  • 1tbsp argan oil
  • 1tbsp of Mayonnaise
  • 3tbsp castor oil
  • 1tbsp olive oil
  • 2 Eggs (use one if your hair is protein sensitive)
  • 1tsp Honey
  • 2 Bananas


  1. Blend all the ingredients until smooth. You want to avoid having lumps of avocado or bananas stuck in your hair.
  2. Ensure you detangle your hair before washing it to make it easier to do it
  3. Wash your hair and rinse it. Apply the mask carefully to your hair and let it sit for some time, the longer the better. About 30 minutes to an hour will do the trick.
  4. Rinse out the mask from your hair using cool water and then proceed with a regular conditioner.

If any extra remains, you can place it in the freezer for about 10 days.

Does the Cardi B hair mask work?

Our take on the Cardi B mask is that it works.

“The treatment is really good for curl patterns,” says Cardi B as she shows off her daughter’s luscious curls as she has the hair mask on.

The rapper also went ahead to post how her hair looked after doing the treatment.

The mask had transformed her hair to become smooth and silky. The mask, as we have seen above, is made with ingredients that contain nutrients, that are nourishing to your hair. 

The numerous videos on YouTube of people trying out the mask, showing the before and after, and giving positive reviews goes to show that if customized to your hair’s conditions, the hair mask actually works.

Here is a good example:

How long does Cardi B leave her hair mask On?

According to the Instagram video that she shared, Cardi B advises that you leave the mask on for as long as you can. She said, “Let that marinate like chicken!”

How often does Cardi B do her hair mask?

The rapper did not share how often she does the mask. If you’re looking for how often to use it, use the condition of your hair as a guide.

The mask can be used once a week. But, if your hair is dry and damaged, you may use it twice or thrice a week until you notice your hair looking healthier, then you can reduce usage.

The texture of your strands also plays a part in determining how often you’ll use the strands. If you have thick hair, you may use it often.

When it comes to fine hair, the mask might weigh your hair down so you may not want to use it as many times as a person with thick hair would.

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