Is Black Seed Oil Good for Natural Hair? This is what studies show.

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Black Cumin Nigella oil for natural hair growth

Is Black Seed Oil good for natural hair? Studies have shown that Black seed has antimicrobial, antihistamine, antioxidant, sun protection, anti-aging and hair growth promoting properties. These makes it great for promoting natural hair growth. Black seed is also believed to restore hair growth in thinning areas because of its high concentration of Thymoquinone which is a powerful antihistamine. Antihistamine … Read More

How To Prevent Breakage in 4C Hair: 13 Simple Tips

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4C Hair Breakage

4C Hair breakage is one of the most common hair problems that gives a lot us with 4C hair sleepless nights! Not literally, but you get the point 🙂 To prevent 4C hair from breakage, you first need to determine what is causing the breakage. Hair breaks when the strands are dry, brittle or when there is a lot of … Read More

How to Effectively Stretch 4C Hair WITHOUT Heat

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How to stretch 4C hair without heat

Stretching 4C hair without heat has become popular thanks to several simple techniques that have been invented over time. In this article we will go into the details of 14 different techniques you can use to stretch 4C hair without heat. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click an affiliate link … Read More

Effective Hydration Treatments For Hair

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Hydration Treatments For Hair

Hair that looks and feels good is what most of us hope and work for. Most people always try their level best to ensure that their mane looks healthy and has the desired sheen. A very basic routine that will break or make your hair is a hydration treatment. In this article, you will learn about, (i) what a hydration … Read More

How Often Should You Wash 4C Hair? (With Sample Wash Routines)

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How often should you wash 4C hair

4C hair should be Shampoo-washed once or twice a month and Co-washed in between. Shampooing is important in maintaining a clean and healthy scalp. However, washing your 4c hair with shampoo too often strips the hair of its natural oils and moisture which may lead to damage. Therefore it is recommended that you limit exposure to shampoo. Shampoo Washing 4C … Read More

Pumpkin Seed Oil For Natural Hair Growth

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Pumpkin Seed Oil for Natural hair growth

Most of us normally consume the fleshy part of Pumpkins and throw away the seeds without knowing how valuable these seeds can be both to our overall health and to our natural hair. Pumpkin seeds can be consumed or used to make pumpkin seed oil which has so many benefits including promoting natural hair growth. The pumpkin seed oil contains … Read More

4C Natural Hair: How To Care For & Grow 4C Hair Fast!

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How to Grow 4C Hair

The key to growing long 4C natural hair fast is in having a consistent and effective hair care routine. This article is a detailed guide on how to take good care of 4C hair in order to achieve long and healthy hair growth, faster. Based on several years of having natural hair and tons of research, I will share my … Read More

Why, When and How to Trim 4C Hair

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how and when to trim 4C hair

Have you been experiencing tangles and breakage in your 4C hair even after taking all the necessary steps to keep your hair healthy and looking good? There could be one more thing that your hair is telling you – It is time for a snip! In this article, you will learn Why, When and How to trim your 4C hair. … Read More

LOC Method In 4C Hair: The Most Effective Way To Moisturize 4C Hair

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LOC Method in 4C Hair

The LOC method in 4C hair is a technique of hydrating and sealing moisture in hair. LOC is an abbreviation for Liquid, Oil and Cream. It involves moisturizing the hair with water or a preferred water-based product which is your Liquid, sealing in the moisture with Oil and finally applying a Cream product to close the hair cuticle which stops or prevents moisture loss. The … Read More

Effective Natural Remedies For Dandruff in 4C Hair

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Natural Remedies For Dandruff in 4C hair

There is nothing as annoying as noticing white flakes on your cloths the moment you touch your head! Unfortunately very many of us suffer from dandruff and despite doing so many things that we think will alleviate the problem we still find those ANNO-YING white flakes on our sparkling clean cloths. In this article, based on extensive research, I have … Read More