What Does Damaged Hair Look Like?

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Damage Hair

Damaged or just dry? How can you tell if your hair is damaged from either heat, over-manipulation, color or chemical treatment? It can get very confusing. So, What does damaged hair look like? Damaged hair looks dull, breaks off easily, is extremely thin and does not retain moisture.  In addition, you can tell that your hair is damaged if you … Read More

4 Easy Hair Porosity Tests to Determine Your Hair Porosity

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Hair Porosity Tests

Many people will tell you that understanding your hair porosity is the first step is establishing an effective hair care routine – I certainly agree with this. Knowing how to test your hair porosity, however, is usually the challenge. To determine your hair porosity, there are different hair porosity tests you can perform to know if your hair falls into … Read More

The Yao Women Rice Water Recipe For Extreme Hair Growth

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Yao Women Rice Water Recipe

The Yao Women who come from Huangluo Yao village in China , have the longest hair in the world . They’ve even been recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the ‘World’s Longest Hair Village.’ There are several factors that can be attributed to their extremely long and healthy hair but there is one thing that stands … Read More

How To Effectively Moisturize Natural Hair

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How to moisturize natural hair

Do you find that your natural hair is dry all the times? Dry hair is a common natural hair problem. In this article I will share 11 tips on how to moisturize natural hair. Here is how to moisturize natural hair: 1. Stay Hydrated The most basic and simplest thing to do to ensure your natural hair is moisturized is … Read More

11 Best Black Owned Products for 4C hair

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best black owned products for 4C hair

It’s time to celebrate black creators and entrepreneurs! Creating products with natural hair needs in mind is not easy. So, let’s show them love. In this article I have put together 11 black owned products great for 4C hair that you should consider. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click an … Read More

13 Common Natural Hair Mistakes You NEED to Avoid

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natural hair mistakes

You probably are making natural hair mistakes that are preventing you from achieving your hair goals but you are not aware. In my first year of transitioning to natural, my growth was extremely slow. I later learnt that I was making very common natural hair mistakes that I could have easily avoided. Here are the most common hair mistakes that … Read More