10 Best Moisturizing & Sealing Oils For High Porosity Hair

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Best Oils For High Porosity

Moisture retention is the biggest challenge for high porosity hair. The oils you choose should therefore have both moisturizing properties and have the ability to seal the hair cuticle to prevent moisture loss. In this article we will review 10 oils for high porosity hair. In Summary; The Best oils for high porosity hair are: Olive oil Coconut oil Avocado … Read More

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good for Hair?

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Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For Hair

A while back before I jumped on the Apple Cider Vinegar for hair bandwagon, I had several questions including: Is Apple Cider Vinegar good for hair? What does Apple Cider Vinegar do to your hair? How do I use Apple Cider Vinegar for hair? Can Apple Cider Vinegar damage hair? Is Apple Cider Vinegar good for colored hair? From my … Read More

11 Easy Protective Styles You Can Install in Minutes

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Protective hairstyles, easy protective styles for that matter have become a buzzword in the natural hair community as these styles promise low manipulation, quick installation, low maintenance and as the name suggests, protect the hair from damage. There are a variety of protective hairstyles that will switch up your looks as well as keep your hands off the hair for … Read More

Is Henna Worth It? 10 Disadvantages of Applying Henna on Hair

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Disadvantages of applying henna on hair

Are you considering using Henna to promote hair growth? Well, before you jump on this trend read this article to understand the disadvantages of applying henna on hair. Here is the summary; Disadvantages of applying Henna on hair Application process results in a huge mess as it stains everything May result in uneven coloring Preparation and application can be time … Read More

Is Avocado Oil Good For Hair?

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is avocado oil good for hair?

Aside from the fact that avocados can be incredibly delicious in meals, they are also popularly used in DIY hair treatments. Which begs the question: Is Avocado oil good for hair? Avocado oil has several benefits on hair and has become a favorite for those desiring to grow long and healthy hair. Avocado oil is packed with nutrients such as … Read More

Is Coconut Oil Good for Low Porosity hair? Find Out Now

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is coconut oil good for low porosity hair

Coconut oil is a popular oil that has become a staple in hair care. It works well for most people. But, is Coconut oil good for low porosity hair? The short answer; Coconut oil does not work well for some people with low porosity hair. It’s considered to be among the heavy oils and thus not easily absorbed by the … Read More