10 Effective Home Remedies for Dry and Frizzy Hair

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home remedies for dry and frizzy hair

Dry and frizzy hair can be a lot to handle, but fret not, we’ve got your back.In this article we will talk about home remedies for dry and frizzy hair. Here is the summary;

10 home remedies for dry and frizzy hair

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar
  2. Fenugreek Tea Rinse
  3. Rice water
  4. Hot Oil Treatment
  5. Onion Juice
  6. Bentonite Clay
  7. Aloe Vera Juice
  8. Egg Mask
  9. Avocado Mask
  10. Honey Mask

Dryness and frizz can be caused by several factors such us not moisturizing properly, excessive use of heat, using the wrong products and many other factors.

If you notice your hair is always dry and frizzy try and investigate the cause and use simple home remedies such as the ones we will cover in this article to manage the frizz.

Here are 10 simple and affordable home remedies for dry and frizzy hair.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Normal healthy hair is acidic in nature with a pH that ranges between 4.5 to 5.5. When your hair gets frizzy, it means it’s alkaline and its pH has risen.

Apple cider vinegar is rich in acetic acid and hence does wonders to hair by restoring its healthy shine and minimizing frizz.

How to use Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Mix apple cider vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:3. For example, 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 6 tablespoons of water.
  • Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it onto your hair from the roots to the ends.
  • Massage and leave it on for about 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Rinse it out thoroughly

NOTE: If the smell of the vinegar bothers you, you can add essential oils such as rosemary oil to the mixture.

For optimal results, apply this treatment on your hair once in a week or once in two weeks.

2. Fenugreek Tea

Also known as Methi, Fenugreek is rich in glycolipids, niacin, linolenic acid, oleic acid, choline, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, nicotinic acid, and many other nutrients that are essential for hair growth. (1)

Fenugreek tea helps in improving hair elasticity, therefore preventing any breakage.

How to make and use fenugreek tea

  • Soak Fenugreek seeds overnight in warm water
  • Sieve the tea into a spray bottle.
  • Spray the tea onto your hair from root to ends and massage.
  • Leave it on for  15-30 minutes. You can wear a shower cap to generate some heat and enhance absorption.
  • Proceed to rinse the hair and style as desired

3. Rice Water

rice water for hair

Rice water contains protein, vitamins B and E, minerals and antioxidants. These components in rice water enhance hair growth, makes hair stronger, smoother and shinier.

How to make and use rice water

  • Soak 1 cup of uncooked rice in water for about 30 minutes.
  • Decant the rice water into a spray bottle.
  • Spray the rice water onto your hair and massage it.
  • Leave it on for 15- 20 minutes.
  • Rinse off before shampooing hair.

PLEASE NOTE: While rice water is great for moisturizing the hair and minimizing frizz, you must exercise caution when using it.

Rice is packed with proteins and starch and therefore if used too frequently it will cause more dryness and damage.

In this article we’ve dissected some of the instances when rice water can damage the hair instead of promoting hair growth. Can rice water damage your hair?

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4. Hot Oil Treatment

This is my all-time favorite! Hot oil treatments enhance maximum moisture absorption and protects your hair from further damage. This treatment also helps in moisturizing and strengthening your hair. It also helps eliminate dandruff.

Some of the oils you can use are: coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, argan oil, almond oil and jojoba oil.

Make sure to do research before settling on a specific oil.

How to do a hot oil treatment

  • Your hair should be clean and detangled.
  • Warm up bottle of oil in a bowl of hot water.
  • Check oil temperature before  applying on hair to avoid any accidents.
  • Put a towel or a cloth on your shoulder to prevent dripping oil to damage your clothes.
  • Apply oil on hair and massage it in.
  • Leave it in for 30 minutes. You can wear a shower cap.
  • Rinse it off with warm water.

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5. Onion juice

Onions are the most basic ingredient in most of our meals and are rich in nutrients. Although we ingest these nutrients, we can also apply onion juice directly on our  hair and enjoy the benefits.

  • Onions are rich in antifungal and antibacterial properties therefore keeping your hair from infections.
  • Onions are also rich in sulphur therefore reducing breakage and thinning of hair.
  • Onions are rich in antioxidants preventing premature greying of hair.
  • The pungent smell that onions have help with lice treatment.
  • Onion juice helps in adding hair volume, treating dandruff, improving blood circulation and hair growth.

How to make and use onion juice

  • Peel and chop one onion.
  • Blend it then sieve the onion pulp.
  • Put the onion juice in a bowl.
  • Dip a cotton pad in the juice and then dab it in your scalp.
  • Massage your scalp once you have covered the whole head.
  • Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Rinse off with mild shampoo.

6. Bentonite clay

This is one of the few types of mud that will do justice to your hair.

Bentonite clay is used to detoxify and moisturize hair. When applied on your hair, the clay draws out excess dirt and oil from your hair.

How to make and use bentonite clay

  • Mix one cup of bentonite clay with water and ½ cup of apple cider vinegar. Use warm water to have a good consistency. We add apple cider vinegar to restore the pH of hair.
  • Apply on hair and leave on for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse off with warm water.

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7. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera has a wide range of uses in the beauty industry, but in this case, we narrow down to hair. Aloe vera strengthens hair and makes it fuller, facilitates hair growth and moisturizes it. (2)

How to make and use Aloe Vera juice

  • Peel off aloe gel from clean aloe leaves.
  • Blend the gel until its completely fluid.
  • Sieve the blended juice into a spray bottle.
  • Spray the juice on your hair from roots to ends and massage it in.
  • Leave on for 20 minutes then rinse off.

8. Egg mask

Eggs are rich in protein which is exactly what your hair needs. The components in eggs help in repairing, moisturizing, strengthening and improving your hair texture.

How to make and use an egg mask

  • Whisk 3 eggs in a bowl.
  • For maximum benefits add oils such as olive oil, argan oil or coconut oil.
  • Apply on hair from roots to ends and leave it on for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Rinse off with cold water.

9. Avocado mask

Avocados are rich in natural oils and both polyunsaturated and monosaturated fatty acids (the ‘good’ fats). These oils are especially good for dry and frizzy hair.

How to make and use an avocado mask

  • Mash one avocado in a bowl.
  • Add coconut oil, olive oil or argan oil and mix.
  • Apply on hair from end to the roots.
  • Leave it for thirty minutes then rinse off.

10. Honey mask

Honey is an awesome hair moisturizer as it’s packed with humectant and emollient properties. Emollients promote shine by smoothening the hair cuticles while humectants form a bond with water molecules making absorption of moisture easier. (3)

How to make and use a honey mask

  • Put 3 tablespoons of honey in a bowl and mix with an equal amount of water.
  • Apply to clean and damp hair from ends to roots.
  • Massage and leave it in for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Rinse it off with warm water.

There you have it folks, a list of simple and affordable home remedies to manage dryness and frizz.

Always remember prevention is better than cure, and therefore understanding the causes of frizzy hair is very crucial. Here are the common causes of dry and frizzy hair

  • When your hair is not well moisturised, it ends up frizzy. 
  • Using excess heat on your hair. This rids your hair of its protective natural oils.
  • Drying your hair using a towel. Using a towel absorbs a lot of moisture from your hair making it dry faster.
  • Damaged split ends. These tend to get dry faster causing the frizz.
  • Use of harsh hair products.

Did we miss any home remedy for frizz? Let us know in the comments section below.

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