How Long do Highlights Last? Cost, Brassiness?

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How long do highlights last

Do you want some color in your hair but don’t want to go all in? Getting highlights may be the solution but how long do they last and what’s the cost?

In this article:

  • What are highlights?
  • How long do highlights last?
  • How to fix brassy highlights and;
  • How much do highlights cost

What are highlights?

Highlights refer to a couple of strands of your hair that are lighter in color than the rest of your hair.

If you have brown hair, your highlights may be a lighter shade of brown or even a cool shade of blonde.

You don’t necessarily have to have the same shades of color on your hair. For example, you may have black hair and choose to add caramel or red highlights to your hair. 

Having highlights is a classy way of adding flair to your hair without damaging it.

When done on curly hair, it makes the curl pattern to pop and gives your hair dimension and fullness. 

How long do highlights last?

On average, highlights can last between 2 to 3 months.

This however will vary from person to person and will be affected by several factors such as:

  • The technique used

If you go with the foil technique, you will visit your hairstylist more often to do a retouch. With the balayage technique, the highlights will last longer as the technique creates natural-looking highlights.

  • Quality of highlights

The better the quality of the highlight used, the longer it will last.

  • Maintenance

Washing your hair frequently will lead to a shorter lifespan for your highlights as the shampoo strips the highlight’s color leading to faster fading.  

The same goes for washing your hair immediately after you get the highlights done. Your hair needs time to be able to absorb the colour and washing it doesn’t help.

As with bleaching, having highlights done on your hair tends to make hair dry faster. Therefore, keep off excessive heat if you want your highlights to last longer.

  • How fast your hair grows.

The faster your hair grows, the sooner you will need to go to the salon and get your highlights retouched.

  • The number of highlights

The more the highlights, the more maintenance your highlights will need. The more the amount of maintenance it needs the more likely it won’t last as long.

  • The length of hair

People with shorter hair tend to get their highlights redone more than people with long hair.

The best way to know when to have a retouch is to inspect the hair for new growth.

Hair that will grow out will still be in your hair’s original color. This new growth is what signals you need a visit to the salon.

How to do highlights

There are different techniques for getting highlights done. Here is an overview of 3 common techniques:

1. The Balayage Technique

In this method, your hair stylist separates your strands of hair and applies colour to them by hand towards the ends.

This creates a natural look on your hair

2. The Foil Method

In the foil technique, strips of aluminium foil are used to separate strands of hair and then the lightener is applied to those strands of hair from root to tip.

It is the most traditional and common method of highlighting. 

3. The cap method

Last but not least is the cap method.

In this technique, the hair stylist uses a cap that has holes in it.

The hairstylist pulls a chunk of hair strands through those holes and applies hair color to those strands.

For more on how highlights are done, check out this video by

How to fix brassy highlights

Brassy highlights refer to when your highlights adopt orange tones as a result of the color of your hair fading over time.

It may occur if the bleaching process fails to get rid of all the pigment that was in your hair originally. 

This can also happen via oxidation and exposure to chemicals in the water your hair is exposed to.  

With that in mind, here’s how to fix brassy highlights:

#1. Use a toning shampoo

Formulated with formulas that are pigmented, toning shampoos help remove brassiness while cleaning your hair or strengthening it.

The most popular toning shampoo that you have probably heard about is the purple shampoo.

#2. Visit your hairstylist

The simplest way to fix brassy highlights might be just to visit your hairstylist and rid of any hints of brassiness from your hair.

How much do highlights cost?

On average highlights cost between $75 and $150.

The amount is usually based on the number of highlights you will get, the more the highlights, the more it will cost.

Other factors include; the technique used, the length of your hair and the location of your salon.  

Highlights are a subtle way of styling and adding a pop of color to your hair. We hope this article helped you learn what highlights are, how long they last and how much they cost.

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