11 Ingredients to Add to Your Shampoo for Faster Hair Growth

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Ingredients to add to your shampoo for hair growth

For those chasing luscious growth and length, here is a secret that may excite you. Did you know that there are natural ingredients that you can add to your shampoo to promote hair growth? Take a peek at the following, learn and grow your hair!

Here are 11 natural ingredients you can add to your shampoo for faster hair growth.

1. Honey

Most of us know honey for its use in savory recipes in the kitchen. However, honey is also a great ingredient that can be mixed with your shampoo to make a more powerful product for hair growth. Below are the reasons why you should add honey in your shampoo.

  • Honey has wound healing abilities, and plays a great role in the growth of epithelial cells on the scalp. These cells hold follicles and ducts that contribute to hair growth.
  • Acts as a moisturizing agent and is useful in helping the hair retain its moisture. This in turn helps in hair growth.
  • Contains keratin a protein that helps in strengthening of hair.
  • Honey can also be used to treat an itchy scalp, and prevent hair from damage.

In all these ways, honey boosts hair growth, and mixing it with your regular shampoo will leave your healthier and shinier.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera For natural hair growth

Aloe Vera, also known as the plant of immortality has been known for its health benefits for centuries. For the hair, Aloe Vera can be used to treat hair loss. According to this study, a therapeutic composition of shampoo should include Aloe Vera which increases effectiveness in eliminating dandruff, alleviating itching, preventing hair loss and acceleration of hair growth. The gel of the Aloe Vera plant has soothing abilities on the scalp. It helps in clearing the scalp by unblocking hair follicles that may have been blocked by excessive oils.

It increases membrane fluidity and permeability and the outward flow of toxins and inward flow of nutrients thus stimulating hair growth. This miracle plant has been used as an ingredient for hair shampoos.  It can be mixed with any shampoo to enhance its effectiveness.

3. Rose Water

Most people know  Rose Water  for its use in perfumes due to its sweet fragrance.  However, incorporating Rose Water to your hair care routine will also nourish your hair. Natural extracts are safer to use in hair growth and scalp condition improvements as they have fewer side effects and so why don’t you grab that Rose Water and make use of it?

Rose Water is a great moisturizer, helps in maintaining your hair PH level and for those with excess oil on the scalp, this natural ingredient helps in clearing the excess oils on the scalp.

Research has shown Rose Water to be  highly effective in hair loss treatment and the repair of damaged hair as it increases blood circulation to the scalp and rejuvenates hair follicles. Packed with a wide variety of vitamins, Rose Water is known to enhance hair growth. 

If you are keen, you will realize that many products in the market contain Rose Water.  This therefore is more reason to add Rose Water to your shampoo  if you wanted to get the added benefits mentioned above.   

4. Lemon Juice

Lemons are rich in vitamin C, soluble fibre and other beneficial plant compounds. This makes them a great addition to your hair care and over nutrition. When it comes to hair, lemon mostly extracted into a juice has a lot to offer. Lemon juice is a great detox agent as it reduces oil and dandruff on your scalp thus promoting hair growth. Lemon juice is also a great way to increase that sheen on your hair. Finally, lemon can be used to restore your hair’s natural PH.

While lemon has great benefits to the hair, you should be cautious when using it on your hair. Here are precautions you need to observe when you decide to add lemon juice in your shampoo:

  • Ensure you do a patch test to your skin to rule out any allergic reactions
  • Use dilute lemon juice
  • Discontinue this process if you start to experience redness, increased irritation, and itchiness.

Adding a few drops of the lemon juice into your regular shampoo will give you amazing results.

5. Rice Water

Rice water for natural hair growth

Rice water is packed with amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants contained in the rice grain. Rice Water also contains Inositol, an ingredient that has strengthening and beautifying effects on hair. What’s more, rice water is said to increase hair elasticity.

Rice water is incredibly easy to make, over the recent past a lot of women have been using Rice  Water as a hair rinse after shampooing and conditioning. Check this detailed Rice Water article to learn more about Rice Water and the benefits it has on hair.

 Rice water can easily be mixed into your shampoo to increase slip which is very important during the shampooing process and it makes the hair manageable and easy to detangle. Studies have shown that shampoos that contain rice bran oil are excellent in nourishing the scalp and so it may not be such a bad idea to try this natural hair hack.

As for all the ingredients mentioned, remember to add the Rice Water to a small batch of your shampoo for testing before committing your whole bottle without knowing how you hair will react.

6. Glycerine

Glycerine is a consistent ingredient in most hair care products. Here is why: Glycerine is a wonderful humectant and acts as a great moisturizer for your hair. It improves the scalp and nourishes dry hair. Additionally, glycerine offers relief to an itchy scalp. It limits hair damage and conditions the hair thus accelerating its growth.

When used with an essential oil, glycerine acts as a carrier and penetrates to the hair sheath allowing the essential oil to nourish the hair. It also acts as a lubricant to the hair sheath, and its penetration property is useful in enhancing hair growth. Glycerine can be added to your shampoo to improve your hair.

If the shampoo you have does not contain glycerine, then it is a good idea to boost the effectiveness of your shampoo by adding glycerine. This also applies to when you are making your DIY shampoo at home.

7. Green Tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants. For this reason, green tea can reverse or slow down hair loss. (1) Green tea is also known to support hair growth. This is due to its ability to increase oxygen and nutrient delivery to the scalp.

Some shampoos and conditioners contain green tea. If not,  it may be a good idea to add green tea into your shampoo. Remember to apply it to your roots and scalp to increase its effectiveness.

8. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint’s oil wonderful fragrance is one reason why it is used in hair care products. But there’s more. Peppermint oil is a remedy for hair loss. The menthol in the oil is a vasodilator meaning it increases blood flow into the hair follicles thus promoting hair growth.

Research shows that pepper mint oil has anti inflammatory, antimicrobial and antifungal properties.(2)

With Peppermint oil, dandruff problems and other skin conditions will be kept at bay reducing damage to your hair.  To use it, add about five drops of pepper mint oil into your regular shampoo and it is ready for use.

This Peppermint Oil article will give you more details on the benefits and uses on hair.

9. Tea Tree oil

Tea Tree oil is a super extract that you can use as a remedy for dandruff and hair loss. A build up of dead cells on the scalp hinders hair growth. With the use of Tea Tree oil, your hair is bound to remain healthy with an intake of nutrients and well moisturized.

Some shampoos may contain Tea Tree oil in small doses. It will not hurt to add a few drops of the oil into your shampoo, provided you have no allergies.

10. Sugar

Adding a spoonful of sugar into your shampoo can help in accelerating hair growth. Sugar helps in scalp exfoliation by removing the dead skin cells that may be causing blockage and hindering hair growth.

11. Salt

Ever thought as a hair care product? I never did until research on the benefits of salt on hair led me to experiment with it.  Salt is useful in opening up blocked pores on your scalp thus improving on hair growth.(4) It contains Magnesium Sulphate that helps in strengthening the scalp and hair. Additionally, the use of salt on your hair will help deal with an itchy scalp by easing up on the dandruff.

This article gives you 11 natural ingredients you can add to your shampoo for faster hair growth. Get started and watch your hair transform into the healthier, shinier mane you’ve always desired!

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    1. Depends on the amount of shampoo you have. 1-2 teaspoons of honey and 10-15 drops of rose water should work for about 300ml of shampoo

  1. There’s some ingredients which i never know that we can use it in our shampoo and these are very useful to our hair.
    This is really a very informational blog, keep posting such blogs..!!

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by. With DIYs, using safe home ingredients doesn’t harm unless you react to particular elements. These recommendations are not scientific but based off what other people have tried. That’s the beauty of DIY remedies. For sure not everything on this list will work for everyone 😉

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