Semi Freeform Dreads : What They Are, How To Get them and More

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Semi freeform dreads

Locs or dreads can be traced to every civilization in history and interestingly, there are very many types of dreads: Semi freeform dreads, freeform dreads, sisterlocks, microlocs  and many more.

In this article, we will be looking at the Semi freeform dreads to answer the following burning questions:

  1. What are semi freeform dreads?
  2. How to start semi freeform dreads
  3. How long does it take for semi-freeform dreads to lock?
  4. Can semi freeform dreads be retwisted?

What Are Semi Freeform Dreads?

Semi-freeform dreads are locs formed using a blend of the free forming technique and some level of maintenance of the new growth such as occasionally separating the roots and retwisting. 

Unlike freeform dreads THAT are naturally formed without any interference on the new growth, semi freeform dreads have some level of manipulation on the new growth which results in a more manicured look.

Semi freeform dreads give a sort of effortless, organic look where you let your hair grow out on its own with very minimal manipulation.

For inspo, see Holistic Flo’s Semi freeform locs in this video below:

Why Should You Get Semi Freeform Dreads?

Are you thinking of getting semi-freeform dreads? Here are some very good reasons why you should actually get them.

  1. There is less pressure to maintain your hair in hairstyles it doesn’t want to be in.
  2. If you are not obsessed with a neat look and a well-maintained parting system then semi free-forming your dreads is the way to go
  3. You are a free-spirited person who has been liberated from what other people think about your hairstyle
  4. Semi freeform dreads will give your hair a break from manipulation, allowing it to grow organically
  5. These types of dreads are extremely low maintenance, and great for people who are product minimalists

How To Start Semi-Freeform Dreads

Here are the steps to take to get freeform dreads

  1. Wash your hair before you start semi free-forming your locs.
  2. Part your hair into the size of locs you’d prefer and use any type of locking technique to install your dread.  You can use two strand twists, palm rolling or braids.
  3. With semi freeform dreads, there is no obsession with the parting system so feel free to make the lock unique to you.
  4. Do not apply any products when installing your locs.
  5. Let the hair breathe as it takes shape naturally
  6. Do not re-twist your hair and let it grow organically
  7. Wash your hair once or twice a week and separate your roots if you feel the need to

To maintain semi-freeform locs you need to:

  • Minimize styling or pulling your hair often

This means you have to avoid touching your hair to ensure it locs properly and is not damaged as well. Keep your hairstyle simple as constant pressure on the hair causes thinning of roots

  • Separate your roots

Maintain a parting system so that your dreads do not fuse together. You can do this by popping your locs with the index finger occasionally.

  • Wash your hair regularly.
  • Light grooming

After washing your locs you can do a light grooming to maintain the integrity and shape of your locs. You can rub the loose hair at your roots against the scalp to help it form knots.

  • Protect the Locs

Wear a scarf to bed or when relaxing at home to minimize any dirt, and environmental debris from getting to your dreads.

How Long Does It Take for Semi-Freeform Dreads To Lock?

It could take 3 to 5 weeks for semi-freeform dreads to start locking  but this all depends on your hair texture, the type of starter locs you use and how well you take care of your locs.

Hair with tighter curl patterns will form locks more quickly than that with a looser curl pattern.

To get to the maturity stage of locks it could take anywhere from 10 months to two years. The process of hair locking and locs maturing are different.

Locs develop and take shape long before they’re mature, or rooted, but the length of the process varies from person to person.

Can Semi freeform dreads be Re-twisted?

Yes Semi freeform dreads can be re-twisted but not as frequently as traditional locs. This gives your hair time to do its thing, and repair any damage that over-styling or over-twisting did in the past.

Root separation is often done to maintain the shape of the locs but re-twisting is up to an individual to decide.

You can choose to retwist once very six months or 3 times a year, it really all depends on the look you want to achieve.

It’s important to note that semi-free forming does not mean you leave your hair dirty and neglected. You should give attention to your scalp if you semi-freeform your locs.

Use your fingers to separate the roots every often. Even though you won’t re-twist, washing and scalp care are still essential.

Semi-freeform dreadlocks help to thicken your roots and preserve the health of your hair.

If you find that you’re experiencing thinning locs or you are losing your hairline, putting re-twisting on pause for a while and going semi-free forming, is the best way to go. You will notice a huge difference in the health and fullness of your hair.

BTW, did you know hair porosity plays a key role in hair growth? Take this simple hair porosity test to determine if your hair is HIGH, LOW or NORMAL porosity.

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