How to Wash 4C Hair in Sections (Tips & Benefits)

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how to wash 4c hair in sections

Do you wash your natural hair in sections, in plaits or do you just wash your hair without thinking too much of the technique?

In this article we will share tips and benefits of washing hair in sections and how to effectively wash 4c hair in sections.

But why wash hair in sections?

Washing in sections is more effective as you give more attention to the scalp, results in fewer tangles and thus minimizing breakage, and overall, a shorter and better wash day experience.

Some people argue that you can wash the hair without sectioning but you will end up spending more time detangling, hence having a lengthier and more tedious wash day.

Benefits of washing natural hair in sections          

Here are the benefits of washing natural hair in sections;

1. Makes it easier to detangle the hair

Washing your hair in sections makes it easier as you are able to detangle the sections faster and more easily as you can focus and work on each section at a time.

2. Sections leads to better cleaning

Sectioning ensures that you properly cleanse all the sections of your hair.

Furthermore, with smaller portions, you are able to give attention to your hair and pass your fingers through to ensure that it’s clean.

3. Eliminates product wastage

Shampoo and conditioner amounts used are smaller compared to when you wash without sectioning.

Most people tend to overuse hair products by using more than they need and therefore washing your hair in sections lets you use less products on each section.

4. More attention is given to the scalp

Proper scalp care is essential for hair growth. The condition of the scalp directly impacts hair growth. [1]

By washing the hair in sections, you are able to pay attention to your scalp and ensure that it is well-nourished and cleansed.

5. Washing in sections minimizes breakages

Washing hair in sections helps you reduce tangles on your hair.

You are likely to have less breakage with sections that have been partitioned.

At the same time, you reduce the severity of tangles and breakage involved by working with smaller portions of hair which are easier to manipulate.

How to wash 4C hair in sections

  1. Lightly spritz your hair with water.
  2. Section the hair into at least 4 parts using a wide-toothed comb or your fingers. The hair can be parted into 6-8 parts depending on how thick the hair is.
  3. Separate the sections by braiding them or banding them with some clips.
  4. Wash each of the sections separately and re-braid or re-band when moving on to the next section
  5. Rinse each section separately and apply a conditioner to ensure that the hair is tangle-free.
  6. Dry out your hair by gently squeezing out excess water using a t-shirt or leave your hair to dry out on its own.
  7. When you are done with rinsing out the shampoo and conditioner, loosen all the section and let water run through the whole head as you massage the sections. This will ensure that all shampoo and conditioner is washed out and not trapped in the sections.

See how @Eugenia Kelcy washes her beautiful, long 4C hair in sections.

Here a few things to take note of when washing natural hair in sections

  • Washing natural hair in sections works best with medium length to long hair.
  • Keep the sections smaller rather than larger, especially with thicker hair which may be harder to manage. This allows you to give each individual section the attention that it deserves.
  • Do not mix up the steps. Be careful so as not to confuse these steps as you may end up with unwashed sections coated with conditioner.
  • It’s better to first wash all the sections before applying the conditioner. You can re-braid the sections after shampooing or hold the sections to ensure that you do not get confused.

Nobody likes spending hours on their wash day. If you haven’t tried washing your hair in sections, give this technique a shot and see how your washing experience turns out.

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I find that washing my hair in sections makes my wash day much more enjoyable as am able to manage your hair which would otherwise be impossible and especially with longer hair.

If you haven’t tried washing your hair in sections, you must try it. It may be what you need to save time and energy.

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