What To Do When You Can’t Wash Your Hair? 10 Simple Hacks

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what to do when you can't wash your hair

Supposing you find yourself at a place or a time when you can’t wash your hair as regularly as you would love to?

What should you do to keep your hair clean and prevent build-up, or the a pungent smell from your head?

Of course, how often you choose to wash your hair boils down to your hair type and personal preference.

Some people prefer to wash their hair everyday while others can go for a week or so. There is no right or wrong.

If you have type 4 hair, you are actually are encouraged against shampooing hair too frequently because of the effect on shampoo on this type of hair. In this article we talk more about how often one should wash 4C hair.

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Here is What To Do When You Can’t Wash Your Hair:

1. Start off with a thorough cleanse (use a clarifying shampoo)

If you know you will be going for a while before washing your hair, then you need to start off on a clean slate.

Give your hair a good thorough clean. To achieve this, go for a clarifying shampoo.

A good clarifying shampoo is a great shampoo for oily hair or hair that has accumulated a lot of buildup.

The shampoo captures excess sebum at the scalp and rinses it away. Since scalp balance is an essential component of hair health, you have to watch out for harsh ingredients that clean effectively but leave your scalp dry and irritated.

Clarifying shampoo will deep cleanse the hair and scalp from dirt, product buildup, silicones, and grease.

2. Minimize product use to avoid build-up

To ensure you hair remains cleans and free of build-up, go slow on products.

Avoid applying excessive oils to your hair as this will contribute to more buildup of dirt on your hair.

You can use oils that are easily absorbed into the scalp and do not leave a heavy coating such as jojoba oil, argan oil and grapeseed oil.

Go light on heavy creams that will clog pores.

3. Go for hairstyles that require minimal styling

What to do when you can't wash your hair

Choose hairstyles that are easy to style and will not require you to manipulate your hair too much.  

By maintaining simple hairstyles, you avoid touching your hair frequently hence keeping it clean.

Try to keep your hairstyle for a while by protecting your hair when you sleep. A good satin bonnet will not only ensure you prevent moisture loss, but will also reduce friction thus preserving your hairstyle for longer.

The styles you go for will definitely vary from one hair type to another. People with natural type 3 or 4 hair can easily maintain a twist out for 3-5 days while people with straight hair will find wearing a bun much handier.

Find what works best for hair and stick with it.

4. Dry shampoo as a good option

Dry shampoo is a hair product that reduces oil, dirt, and grease in your hair. It can be applied to your hair while it’s dry unlike wet conditioners and shampoos.

Let us say that even a quick workout session or a humid commute leaves your hair looking oily, dry shampoo might come in handy for a quick fix.

5. Leave your hair open once or twice a day

It is crucial to allow your hair to breathe. Leave your hair lose to aerate once or twice a day. This reduces build up of dirt on the scalp and with that you do not have to wash your hair every day.

Incase you have applied any oils to your hair, aeration allows the scalp to absorb the oil properly.

6. Brush your hair

Brushing your hair at least twice daily helps to maintain clean and healthy hair. Brushing the hair will help distribute your scalp’s natural oils through your hair.

It also ensures your hair remains tangle free and its shine is maintained as well. With the decrease in hair product build up you do not have to wash your hair often.

7. Massage the Scalp

A good scalp massage will go a long way in maintaining a healthy scalp when you can’t wash your hair. Similar to brushing, a scalp massage with stimulate blood flow on the scalp allowing for better nutrient absorption.

8. Wipe the scalp with rosewater

Rosewater helps reduce oiliness and scalp dryness. It has been known to prevent dandruff as it minimizes oil production.

When hair is properly hydrated, it is okay not to wash it every day. Rosewater is perfect for type 1 hair that greases easily. It helps to nourish a healthy scalp environment.

9. Don’t touch your hair

Touching your hair often leads to the transfer of more dirt to your scalp. Our hands usually accumulate oils and dirt which easily move to our hair when we touch it. This makes hair greasy.

You should avoid touching your hair as it means you have to wash it frequently. Touching your hair will also strip it of any essential oils leading to hair breakage and damage.

10.  Moisturize with water (a little spray to avoid excessive dryness)

You can moisturize your hair with a little water to avoid excessive dryness. Spraying some water regularly goes a long way to moisturizing your scalp. A combination of both water and oil ensures your hair is always hydrated.

In summary;

This is what you need to do if you can’t wash your hair:  

  • Start off with a thorough cleanse (use a clarifying shampoo)
  • Minimize product use to avoid build-up, avoid oils
  • Go for hairstyles that require minimal styling
  • Dry shampoo as a good option
  • Leave your hair open once or twice a day
  • Brush your hair
  • Massage the scalp
  • Wipe the scalp with rose water
  • Don’t touch your hair
  • Moisturize with water (a little spray to avoid excessive dryness)

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