Why Is My Hair So Staticky? 5 Easy Ways to Prevent it

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why is my hair so staticky

If you have dry hair or live in cold weather conditions, you may have noticed strands of your hair stubbornly sticking out. This is commonly referred to as static and there is a science behind.

Staticky hair is caused by static, a charge that is caused by repulsion of like charges. Since these charges are carried in your hair, they cause hair strands to stick out as far away from each other. [1]

This Is Why Your Hair Is So Staticky All the Times

1.  Low moisture content

Low humidity/moisture significantly contributes to staticy hair. This is because moisture in the atmosphere increases the level of energy conduction.

Great energy conduction means there is less chance of static development. Therefore a reduction in moisture content increases the chance of staticky hair.

2.  Extreme weather conditions

There is a reason why staticky hair is especially common in cold weather. Oftentimes, cold conditions go hand in hand with low moisture content.

As explained above, low moisture content leads to lower levels of energy conduction increasing the chances of staticky hair.

3. Rubbing against objects: pillows, scarves, hats, accessories

With cold weather comes the shift to winter wear to keep warm. Unfortunately, these are also a culprit for staticky hair. Winter hats, for instance, cause friction on hair which is prime ground for the development of static.

This goes for other winter wear that is worn close to hair e.g. scarves, shawls, and any other forms of hair accessories. As a result, staticky hair becomes common in these types of circumstances.

Unfortunately static in hair can also develop as you sleep. At night, your hair will inevitably rub against your bed and pillow. This further increases the chances of experiencing staticky hair.

Why is my hair so staticky? Hair can become staticky because of (1) low moisture content (2) Extreme weather conditions and (3) rubbing against objects such as pillows and hats

How Do You Get Rid of Static in Your Hair?

why is my hair super staticky

1. Use moisturizing hair products

The trick to beating hair is increasing the moisture content in hair. Increased moisture content is great in conducting away electric charges thus reducing static.

In situations where the outside environment has a low moisture content, upping the moisture content in hair is a great way of combating static.

Select hair products that will increase hydration in hair. Hydrating hair products work to restore the right amount of moisture level and balance in hair.

One great hydrating hair product is a moisturizing shampoo. This is especially important because shampoos while working to cleanse the hair and scalp can tend to strip hair of natural hydrating oils.

A hydrating shampoo works to clean the hair while still providing the moisture content that your hair needs.

Other great products include adding a conditioner and a leave-in treatment to your hair routine. A conditioner especially is an important product that works to reduce static charge which can sometimes be brought about by hair cleansing products.

2. Consider masks and oils

For an extra kick in increasing hydration, consider using moisturizing hair masks and oils. Hydration hair masks work great, especially for dry hair types in regaining the needed moisture content.

The great thing about hair masks is that you can easily DIY using commonly found ingredients. Some of our favorite hair masks include:

These hair masks work great when paired with hydrating oils. Some great ones include coconut oil and avocado oil.

3. Avoid drying hair products

While working to up the moisture content in hair, it is important in the same breath to steer clear of drying hair products. Continuous usage of these products counteracts any efforts to retain moisture balance in hair.

Some ingredients to look out for when using or purchasing hair products include silicones, parabens, sulfates, and alcohol. Avoid these as much as you can.

Additionally, looking up product reviews is a great way to gauge the effectiveness of your hair products and spot any negative outcomes, if any.

4. Use heat sparingly

Heat is especially useful in straightening hair when trying to make it more manageable or when going for a specific look. However, when it comes to staticky hair, it is best to keep heat to minimum of levels.

Heat ultimately reduces the level of moisture content in hair encouraging static.

When using heat is unavoidable, however, be sure to use a heat-protective product. First, this protects your hair from the damaging effects of heat but also works to retain a bit of moisture in the hair.

Alternatively, consider using ionic hairdryers which are great for reducing static in hair. These dryers work by emitting positive ions that attract the negative ions in hair thus reducing static.

5. Use a silk pillow or scarf to protect your hair while you sleep

Hair will inevitably rub against surfaces as you sleep or lay down. However, certain materials such as silk are useful in reducing the extent to which friction and hence static occurs.

Silk can be incorporated through the use of silk pillowcases, or scarves and bonnets that can be worn as you lie down. Also, switching traditional hats for silk hats or hats with a silk lining works great in fighting staticky hair.

Additionally, there is the option to purchase anti-static sheets that are made using non-sticky materials reducing the amount of friction on the hair.

How to get get rid of static in your hair >> Use moisturizing hair products, Avoid drying hair products, Use heat sparingly and Use a silk pillow or scarf when sleeping

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